Monday, May 17, 2021


A good day for a snooze...

All is well here, we hope you are all well too!

Monday, February 22, 2021


I've had a few opportunities to work from home which has given me the benefit of enjoying these moments...

Fluffy Nahum Goodness!

Sweet Oliver Amazingness!

Delightful Theo Cuddles!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas love

Merry Christmas!!

We all had a lovely day of visiting, playing, resting, and enjoying the blessings we have been given. The pictures speak for themselves. 

I find myself extra grateful to have a very health Theo this Christmas.
The surgery truly saved his life. He is truly a delightful gift.

Theo, this year's Christmas Kitty!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

 I hope this holiday season is filled with love, abundant joy, 
peace, and endless purrs for each of you!

Monday, December 14, 2020

festive days

Happy Holidays!!!

I'm very pleased to report that Theo is doing fantastic!! 

Theo has regained the energy of his youth! He's been bouncing off the walls and doing all the crazy, fun Theo stuff that made us fall in love with him at the start! 

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude with each cuddle with him. He's so much joy and love wrapped in a teddy soft package! It's so good to have him back to his lovely self.

We put up our Christmas tree! 

Tree inspection

Interesting assortment of Christmas decor

This one might be a little large to hang on the tree!

hmmmm... what's going to happen here?!?!?!


coast is clear of humans for Rose to take a peak

recent sunrise

peace - love - joy

Monday, November 30, 2020

Thankful Theo Tuesday

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I've been super busy lately, so no wonder I'm a little late to the Thanksgiving party! It's a season of thanks, anyway, not a day - right?! So much to be grateful for this year, 

Theo time! 

I'm super, super grateful for a healthy Theo! He's doing fantastic!! He's much more of himself than I've experienced for some time. I could not be happier with how he is doing, it's truly a miracle. It's amazing what a little brain surgery will do! 

For years, we had a nightly ritual of Theo time. A few minutes after I climb in bed each night, he would have to make a dramatic jump into the bed, where he would climb up on my chest and cuddle. Then he stopped and I feared we would never do Theo time again. But, now it's a nightly routine again!! My heart is overjoyed to have Theo healthy again! Yah!!! 

Theo has been super agreeable with his isolation in the bedroom. He hasn't complained at all or tried to escape. That's made things easier for all of us. We started letting Nahum in at night for visits, tonight will be the first time Nahum stays overnight since Theo's been back home. We have his follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday, I'm hoping we get approval to free him isolation so he can once again roam the house.

Sweet Rose having a bold moment

Pierre getting bold, letting me share the bed with him! 

Oliver, my Oliver 

Packing paper euphoria

Nahum has been super cuddly lately 

Meanwhile, house projects continue. Working on getting living room painted and ready to go! Hoping to get our Christmas tree this weekend, so want living room ready for that.

We spent Thanksgiving with my dad, which was quite enjoyable. Later last weekend, we helped stack firewood for him. That makes for a good workout! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Joy (more Theo)

 Another day spent with my Theo.

My heart goes gooey when I look at him. I feel so blessed and grateful to have this extra time with him. 

He continues to heal, showing more and more of his personality. 

He's being very tolerant for being in captivity. I'm grateful he's not fighting it. We put up a portable gate and then affixed plexiglass to it so he can't mash his head against the bars.