Friday, March 27, 2015

nugget lock down

To circumvent future nugget raids, I came up with the brilliant idea of just turning around the bins so the latches faced the wall. Simple and effective.

And guess what? It was completely ineffective. Laura came home to find...

The bin had been raided once again. 

Surprisingly enough, when kitty dinner time came around, only Buddy expressed any interest. I'm not surprised that the boys would do such a thing, but the girls too?! I'm so disappointed that Willow would have taken part in such a thing, she's better than that! But she had no interest in dinner, so she's as guilty as the rest!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

nugget raid

Laura came home to find this:

Buddy's nugget bin had been raided and Theo was feasting.

Theo checking out the bins

One might suspect Theo as the guilty party, however, the night prior, I found Nahum out there alone working over the latch. He had successfully opened it without toppling the bin.

These food bins have been located here for years.
Many of Theo's bad habits have rubbed off on Nahum. In this case, Nahum had gotten his fill of food and left the scene, while Theo kept eating and eating. Come dinner time the guilty parties became evident as Nahum and Theo expressed little interest in food.

Later on in the evening, I asked Nahum to show me how he accomplished this, but he only sat quietly and looked fluffy. So, with Nahum not cooperating in my investigation, I asked his accomplice. Theo was very willing to show me how the process works in exchange for some of the loot.

First step involves using one's pointy nose to pry open the latch and lid...

then survey the loot to make sure you got the right nugget bin... (don't want to inadvertently break into the bin of low fat-nuggets!)

then place face in nuggets and feast!!

The way these boys act, you might think they never get fed, but in reality they get two full meals every day! Sigh. I guess it's time to figure out how to re-secure the secure nugget bins.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

happy lunch

One of the perks of coming home for lunch...

midday Oliver love

I think the enjoyment is mutual!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

plan B - the blanket fort

I didn't sleep well last night, partly due to the all night crazy kitty antics that kept waking me every few hours. When morning finally came, I was feeling pretty lousy and with it being a rainy day, I decided to bag my plans for the day and go with plan B.

Might as well join the kitty madness and build a blanket fort...

The concept is simple, tuck one end under the couch cushion, one corner goes across the scratching post and the other is secured to the kitty tree.

Theo enjoys trying to storm the fort by hanging out on top, 
but Nahum's not going to purr idle and let that happen...

After a good tussle, it's always refreshing to hang out under the kitty fort with your mates.

The good kitty forts always have a teleportation tunnel close by.

Willow hangs out by the teleportation tunnel just in case she needs to make a quick escape.

No kitty fort is complete without the appropriate toys.

Every kitty loves the scratching post when it's part of the fort!

Even super-shy Rose is drawn to the scratching post!

Theo barely fits.


Adorable Rose never gets this close to the evil humans.

Kitty fort even draws the shy ones to play

What a Theo-siege looks like from inside the fort

Nahum's gotta go check this out

This looks serious...

Safety first! A pause in the action while the senior goes by

the battle resumes...


How rude! Theo gives Nahum a raspberry!

Poor Oliver wants to come inside and join in the kitty fun.

There's always someone who feels left out.

Buddy tells Oliver he's not allowed inside.

Another blah day salvaged by endless kitty fun! The only kitty not to take part in the fun was Bert, our autistic kitty who can't seem to figure out know how to play with the other cats. Bert just laid nearby watching the other kitties have fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

work party

It was a gorgeous warm and sunny Spring day today. I couldn't stand being in the office all afternoon with the sun shining, so I packed up and headed home with the a vision of finishing up some work with kitty assistance.

An impromptu outdoor work party ensued...

 and Oliver wasted no time in offering his assistance.

Oliver makes a delightful and cute assistant...

but one thing led to another...

and before I knew it the work party turned into a cuddle party.

Work, schmirk! Why do today what you can put off for tomorrow?!

Time for nap!

Happy Spring!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

speedy recovery

On Friday afternoon, I went under the knife. It was a simple outpatient procedure to remove a cyst that had been hanging out under the surface of my neck for too many years. Everything went fine, but I was pretty groggy from the sedation when I got home. I could barely lie down before Buddy was on the job with his healing purrs.

I'm so grateful for my cuddly kitties and their healing purr-powers.

Before I left the house to go to surgery, I was hanging out with Oliver on the bed. He so loves being an inside kitty and cuddling. Just a few hours later, when I went into the operating room and got settled on the operating table, I remembered the Oliver cuddles I had enjoyed. What a pleasant way to drift to sleep.

I failed to get pictures of Oliver cuddling pre-surgery, but thankfully, he was very gracious and offered to re-enact the cuddle on Saturday, for your viewing pleasure. Thank you Oliver, for your kind and thoughtful nature.

With this kitty crew looking after me, I'll be healed up in no time! Kitties are the best!! Oh, and a big thanks to Laura, who makes a darn good nurse (for a human)!