Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Buddy needs purrs

I woke up this morning to find Buddy looking very miserable. He was hunkered down in a dark, quiet spot on the bathroom floor and basically didn't move all day. No eating, no nothing - he looked very unwell. Thankfully the vet had an appointment available at 5pm, so I made some adjustments in my schedule to get him in.

The vet (a guy I hadn't had before but actually really liked) found an arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) - something that wasn't there before. So, he did blood work (results were not much different from the last testing in May). X-rays showed a "bronchial pattern" which can indicate heart failure, asthma, or something else. The EKG showed abnormal heart beat emanating from four different areas of his heart. This doesn't sound good.

Vet recommended he see a cardiologist right away and he found the nearby specialty center has an opening for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm - so we're going. The vet will keep Buddy overnight and keep monitoring his heart.

When I got home this afternoon, he perked up a little bit, but still seemed quite out of it.

Theo tries out the PTU

Purrs and prayers for my cuddle Buddy would be much appreciated. I'm quite worried for him. It feels empty in the house tonight not having him here. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

the Marvinator celebrates a year of gotcha-dom!

This day last year was the day Marvin went from being a homeless cat to a rescued cat!

This was a photo from the day before he was trapped (he was in very rough shape):
July 23, 2015
 Thankfully, he went right in the trap like a good boy! 
July 24, 2015
It's been quite the year for him! He got some desperately needed medical care and went from 5 pounds to 7 pounds, a nice healthy weight for him. And in that year, his delightful personality landed him a cushy job! When he's feeling good, he accompanies me to work as my therapy cat - a role he seems to love.

Sadly though, his health continues to struggle, particularly his asthma. I've tried many treatments to get him to take his steroid (pill form, liquid, inhaler with Aerokat, etc.) but he's quite resistant (as in "no way in hell, it ain't gonna happen!") I tried building him a steroid inhaling chamber...

I loaded it with his favorite thing, nip in hopes it would make his time in the box more pleasant.

Even with the nip, he wasn't too thrilled about being in this box.

 After trying it for a number of times, it didn't seem to be making any difference in his asthma attacks.

The vet said we could try Depo-Medrol (long acting steroid injection). I was reluctant because this is really hard on his body, especially his already failing kidneys. But, I think we're in that phase where we are looking at quality of life now, even at the expense of longevity. The first shot did wonders, he was asthma symptom free for about 6-weeks. Then the asthma attacks came back. We tried it again and the second time it barely lasted 2-weeks. Sigh.

Moving on to the next thing, we got the steroid compounded into a cream that I smear in his ear every day. He hates having his ears touched but he tolerates it about a thousands times more than having his mouth touched. So, with a struggle, it's doable. After 10-days of treatment this way, there have only been slight improvements to his asthma attack symptoms. Will keep trying it for now.

Watching him gasp for air and being powerless to help him is a really awful feeling. There have been a few times where I was starting to really freak, gathering up the carrier ready for a frantic run across the alleyway to the 24-hour emergency vet. Thankfully, it hasn't come down to that yet. With him being so symptomatic, he's currently on medical leave from his therapy cat job, but sadly it's not looking promising that he'll be able to return.

Marvin loves to help out whatever you're doing.

Coloring is more fun (and challenging) with Marvin helping!

It's hard to think about losing the guy, he's such a delightful personality. He's the smallest cat I've known (only 7 pounds) but his personality and sound is huge! It's amazing so much personality and sound fits in such a tiny package! Oh, and there's a ton of cutes packed in there too!

As I contemplate Marvin's retirement from the workplace, I'm starting to prep my next therapy cat - Mr. Floofy himself, Nahum!

Nahum's undergoing a rigorous cuddle training regime.  It's hard work training to become a therapy cat, but everyday he gets more and more lovey.

Meanwhile, Marvin's sleeping away his Gotcha Day! 

Join with us in celebrating a wonderful year of gotcha-dom for a super-wonderful kitty - Marvin! He's such a joy and my heart is bursting with gratitude for getting to enjoy this delightful boy for an entire year! Here's to a year with the Marvinator!

Friday, July 8, 2016

another 4th gone by

Another year of fireworks, another of year of terrified Oliver.

I locked Oliver away on the back porch early this year, in middle of afternoon. He wasn't too pleased with that arrangement, but too bad! As the night progressed I think he came to appreciate that decision. He was super scared and desperately wanted to come inside. So, once again, I pitched my sleeping bag on the mudroom floor, so he could cuddle and feel safe.

Oliver purred and purred!

As you can see in the photos, we both suffered significantly by this arrangement! 

We didn't get a lot of sleep while the fireworks were going on, but we got some prize winning cuddle time! I left the mudroom door open so Pierre come join us, but he elected to stay hunkered down between the wall and chest freezer.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Willow being Willow

In case you were wondering...

Willow is still crazy cute!

Maximum cutes in a little furry-soft package!

Enough already!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

workplace kitty

There are many benefits to having a cat in the office.

One being afternoon cat naps!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

outside boys

Hi! Remember us?! We're all still awesome, furry, fluffy, purry, and loves.

I took an epic trip with a friend recently - super amazing! It ended with a weekend in my happy place...

We were enjoying a lovely canoe trip in these beautiful waters...

until a rogue wave capsized us! After I got my head back above water, I noticed my nice DSLR camera bobbing in the water, the camera bag keeping it afloat. Oddly enough, the camera didn't like the soak, so I'm back to using my ancient mobile phone camera. oh well, it's just tech - the experience was still amazing!

Meanwhile, back at the hobby cattery - it was a lovely afternoon to hangout with the outside boys...

Pierre is looking less and less feral these days!

Pierre is such a talker!!

Before I wrap things up, Nahum wanted to say hello too!

Buddy doesn't say hi, he's says enough bloggy-stuff, feed me second dinner!

Bye!  I hope summer is treating you well!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr. Fourwhitepaws

I recently sorted through a bunch of old pictures and came across these of Max, the kitty who introduced me to the amazing world of cats. He was one of a kind. These photos would be from sometime between 2005-2009.

Yearbook photo

I loved how his white whiskers framed his face so beautifully!

Max forever lives in my heart and I'm so grateful for his love.