Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Marvin's home!

I got the call from the vet this morning saying Marvin was eating better and was back to his usual grumpy self, a sign he's ready to return home! He's such a funny one, at home he's lovey and sweet, but at the vet he has a reputation for being demanding, obnoxious, and very vocal! His chart has been flagged for staff to be extra careful.

Now, Marvin's back home and eating!

The Marvinator - ready for some cuddle action

When he went to the vet he wasn't feeling good and wanted nothing to do with cuddles.

I'm grateful to have Marvs home and healthy again. He seems quite happy to be home too.
Thank you everyone for your purrs and prayers.  Go Marvin!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Marvin update (two)

Some good news! I received a message from the vet this morning (Tuesday), Marvin is doing better. He's able to regulate his body temperature now and was eating a bit more.

We decided to give him another 24-hours of hospital care so he could get lots more fluids.

When I visited him this evening, the vet tech said he was doing better, eating about half the food they were giving him. He seemed more perky than last night, which is a good sign. Current plan is to check in with vet first thing Wednesday morning and hopefully bring him home before work. 

Meanwhile, in Marvin's absence, the other kitties are re-occupying the upstairs! They all slept with me last night, even Rose was nearby. What a delight to get to share the bed with them again.

They all miss their upstairs territory, which they had access to before Marvin came on the scene. It's sad they can't share the space with Marvin (he's very territorial). 
Theo so loves the spot on top of the cat tree!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and purrs!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Marvin update (one)

Marvin spent the day in the kitty hospital getting fluids and care. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any change in his status. The vet said along with not eating or drinking, he's also not regulating his body temperature. At home he camps on a heating pad or a lap pretty much all the time, so no telling how long that may have been going on. He now has a heating pad in his "room" which is helping.

I was afraid to visit him at the hospital tonight, fearing that if I did my emotions would catch up to me. And sure enough they did. It's so hard to see a loved one struggle and be powerless to do anything.

He was really restless and took some time pacing and exploring before he wanted loves.

Once he warmed up to loves he didn't want me to leave him again. I've said this about a thousand times and will keep saying it, I love that our 24-hour vet is across the alley and that they have generous visiting hours!

Marvin's usual vet wasn't in today, but he'll be in first thing in the morning. Hopefully he'll have some ideas about what's going on and some treatment plan options. Right now, we're still in the dark.

  Hang in there Marvs, and please eat! I'm worried about you.
I miss your endless cuddles throughout the night.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Marvin needs purrs

Marvin's not been feeling so well lately.
He's not eating, drinking, or moving much. We took him to the vet on Saturday morning and he was given sub-q fluids and some medicines to help with nausea and appetite. Those meds didn't seem to make much difference as he hasn't eaten or drank anything in days.

So, Monday morning he's heading back to the vet where he will most likely be hospitalized so they can get him some nourishment and fluids. The biggest concern is his failing kidneys. The values were up on Saturday.

We had some sort of kitty-bug come through our house, all the inside kitties got it, starting with Theo and ending with Rose. It interrupted their appetite and energy and only lasted for a few days before they were on the mend. Marvs is not nearly as healthy as the others so he may have a harder time shaking off such a bug. It's really sad seeing him not moving - he looks like he's feeling pretty miserable.

Please purr for Marvin - thanks.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

be well

I'm in my happy place again. Where the intensive work makes my heart burst with joy. A place where I have ample opportunity to lean into my biggest fears and taste the sweetness of freedom on the other side.

 My soul somehow innately knows what to do with a labyrinth.


Pain and freedom dance here with youthful vigor.

Be well my friends.

Friday, May 12, 2017

feeling catty

Update on Theo - he visited the vet got x-rays, poked, and prodded. Looks like he has some sort of bug that's upsetting his GI tract. Bland diet and some anti-nausea meds and lots of love. Hopefully that turns him around!

I recently created these laminated feelings cards for work.

I started by making a few and then kept adding to them. My favorite drawing is the catty one! (surprise, surprise!) I use these sometimes as a feelings check-in exercise - scatter them around the floor, have the person stand on the one they feel in the moment, then move around to other ones in response to the questions I'm asking. A fun way to explore someone's relationship with specific feelings.

Marvin's always a big hit at work! I know I sure love having him with me at the office.

Enough about work - It's Friday!! 
Have a lovely weekend!