Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr. Fourwhitepaws

I recently sorted through a bunch of old pictures and came across these of Max, the kitty who introduced me to the amazing world of cats. He was one of a kind. These photos would be from sometime between 2005-2009.

Yearbook photo

I loved how his white whiskers framed his face so beautifully!

Max forever lives in my heart and I'm so grateful for his love.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Gotcha Day celebration!

Seven years ago today Willow and Nahum came home to live with us!!

Two beautiful kitties with so much love to offer!! 
Happy 7th Gotcha Day Willow and Nahum!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

sun puddle surfin

Willow showin how's it done...

The humans always ruin the fun! I had to go to work, which meant changing of the guard (switching over the front porch from inside cats to outside cats.)

Oliver wasted no time coming in and lounging in the sun, much to the chagrin of the inside kitties.

Monday, May 2, 2016

healthy monday

Took five cats into the vet on Saturday. We take many at once because the vet gives a bulk discount.

Lasers on maximum!

Three went in for annual service (Willow, Nahum, and Theo), Marvin was for follow-up regarding his worsening asthma, and Buddy was for thyroid check-up. The good news is that everyone is doing well! Nahum and Willow continue to be pillars of health. Theo checks out all good, his thyroid medication continues to do the trick. Buddy is doing fantastic for a 17 year old kitty, which is awesome considering this past fall, I was thinking he wouldn't make it to the new year. He even gained a little weight. We adjusted his meds (increased Pepcid to morning and night and upped his methimazole to 5mg morning and night. Both of those things made a big difference, he's no longer horking, looks and acts like he feels really good. I'm quite happy about that.

Marvin, waiting patiently for his exam
Marvin got a steroid shot, which should help with his asthma since he's so resistant to taking his steroid in other ways. I talked with the vet about administering the steroid via a nebulizer chamber and she was supportive of that idea, she didn't think the steroid getting in the eyes and other parts would be a problem. So, I'll get busy on constructing a chamber for him, meanwhile the shot he received should be good for 2-4 weeks, so that gives me some time.

For the past few months, Sunday is my migraine day. But thankfully this weekend, it came on Saturday. So that meant I was healthy enough to finally get to some yard work on Sunday! Pierre kept me company.

I love his baby face. 

Happy Monday!!