Saturday, December 2, 2023

Theo thankful

I was recently going through old pictures when I remembered that it was a year ago in early November that Theo had his second brain surgery to remove another meningioma.

After the his first surgery years prior, I felt super grateful to have extra time with him, and now what is even more the case. 

He's such a lovely gift. He still keeps us on our toes, as even with his advanced age, will still take advantage of every opportunity to steal food! We was going to town on the Thanksgiving apple pie the other day! Oh Theo! 

We did get some hard news about him recently. In the midst of Oliver's final week, Theo was having a lot of problems, the result was a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. His vet and cardiologist removed a significant amount of fluid from his chest and abdomen. He's been feeling a ton better since then and his diuretic medicine is helping to keep the fluid from building up. However, the danger with such meds is the impact on the kidneys and the last two kidney values indicated them worsening. So, now we try to balance heart health and kidney health. Sigh. 

He always insists on helping prep his meds for the week!

Every new day with him is a gift. All extra time. I'm so grateful for him and his big, lovey personality.