Tuesday, December 14, 2021

remembering Bert

Remember Bert? 

I rescued Bert back in 2015 when I was helping with a large TNR effort in a mobile home community.  Bert was trapped an unneutered, friendly boy wearing an old flea collar. No one in the neighborhood claimed him so I worked on getting him healthy and learning to once again trust humans.

While working with him, I feel hard for him. I loved him so much.

Bert was such a gentle, wise soul with so much love to offer.

Once he was healthy, I found him his purrfect forever home.

I received word yesterday from his human that he crossed the rainbow bridge after a courageous fight with cancer. She says he was such a gift to her and her family. He brought so much joy, love, and laughs to everyone. Such a special boy. I'm grateful for the update as I think about him often.

Be free Bert - I so look forward to more of your delightful tummy rubs when I see you again.