Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday update

Good news to report on Marvin. The vet was able to get the blood sample, and the results show that his heart seems to be in good shape. Initially, she thought his heart was thickening due to the kidney failure and thus creating hypertension, but the results don't support that theory. Now, she's thinking pancreatitis. And even better news, he has responded well to the blood pressure and heart rate medications. Today the vet said his blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal - yah!!! That news makes me very happy. I'm amazed that he's allowing us to put the meds in his food, in the past that would be reason enough for a days long hunger strike.

Meanwhile Marvin's personality is coming out again. He's been super-cuddly lately, which is a welcome relief after being not interested in attention for a week or two. He's also back to soaking up as much as sun as he can get on his furs. He loves having heated window shelf! Heat on both sides!

Theo's fort fail!

Pierre still loves cuddles with papa!

Last weekend we drove over to Weston, Vermont to take in their Christmas festival. They had gotten 18 inches of snow earlier in the week, so it was beautifully picturesque! I forgot how much I actually like cold, snowy, New England winter! I love the transition from cold to warm.
Weston Vermont Christmas Festival

I finally found some wheat grass for Rose! I've not been able to find it anywhere here in New Hampshire/Vermont. It was easy to find in Seattle, but apparently it's not a thing here. Petsmart recently came to town and I was there on Black Friday stocking up on litter and I saw it. I grabbed it, thinking of Rose's delight. It was only after I bought it I realized it was $7.99!! and for a tiny square of it, not even the large tray! Yikes.

Rose did enjoy it! 

Theo and Nahum have been super-cuddly lately - the best treatment for depression.
Theo cuddles
Amazing how having a purring 18 pound fluffy cat on one's chest can be quite therapeutic.

 Marvin and Pierre sharing window perch.       Nov 22, 2018

Oliver doing his part to make sure Marvin's heating pad heat
is not wasted while Marv's is away at the vet. 
I hope your weekend is filled with purrs, love, and peace.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Marvin battles on

I've been absent for a time. Depression has once again been having a way with me, which makes many things more difficult.

On the kitty front, it's been a good season, although Marvin is back in a space of once again fighting for his life. He was seeming off last week, so we took him to the vet. We learned he has hypertension, most likely as a complication from the kidney failure. The vet wanted to do blood work but was unable to get a sample because Marvin was so cranky and resistant. He's so little that using a lot of force to restrain him could easily injure him and his little heart is so fast right now, they had concerns of stressing him too much into heart attack. He's showing signs of retinal-detachment, so he's on his way blind if we can't quickly get his blood pressure reduced.

I'm taking him back to the vet today, where they will try a pain medication with sedative effects and then try to get the sample. Once we know more of what's going on we can see options. It's hard seeing him so uncomfortable.

enjoying lap cuddles, never knowing when it might be the last
The people at the vet's office love him, which is such a gift. They really enjoy his strong personality. One of the vet techs fell in love with him but then later moved away to Wyoming. She has followed his progress from afar and even sent Marvin a Christmas postcard!

I like our vet and the people there, but I'm really struggling with the rural vet scene. Before we moved out of the city, we lived next door to a 24-vet that had everything in house. Now, trying to adjust to a vet that is 8-5 and has just the basic diagnostic offerings has been tough. Even sending lab work out here takes forever, which is tough, when I'm used to having the results the next day. Having had such a high level of vet care as our standard, suddenly working with what we have available here feels barbaric. I'm grieving the loss of the amazing gift we had.

Marvin soaking up the sun this morning