Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Kitty 2018

This year's competition for Christmas Kitty was fierce.

The first round of tryouts...

Pierre wasn't interested in the festivities.

The cats all gave it their best, which presented the judges with quite a challenge. This is not a kitty beauty pageant! Each Christmas Kitty candidate is extensively interviewed, their quality of grooming and vocalization skills evaluated, and their spirit of generosity is considered. Cats are required to be sober from nip for at least 3 hours before the judging begins. In the end two cats were moved on to the second round.

Theo really worked it hard to once again be this year's Christmas Kitty. Things were looking favorable for him until the judges witnessed his less than generous spirit toward the other finalist.

Congratulations to Oliver!!!! 

Oliver - 2018 Christmas Kitty

Theo - Christmas Kitty Runner-up

🎄Merry Christmas!!🎄


  1. Merry Christmas! Best blog post of the day award!

  2. Oh Oliver, ya earned it pal! Merry Christmas from all of us sweet friends!

  3. I think you are all winners :) Merry Christmas! XO

  4. Oliver! Concats. You swept it away when you showed up...even before you demonstrated your prowess! Merry Christmas to all of you! Love you each and all, bunches.

  5. Oops, Theo! Caught on tape!
    Concats, Oliver! Looks like a Meowy Catmas was had by all...

  6. Merry Christmas to you all! You all did a great job.

  7. Oliver might have won, but I think Rose should get honorable mention


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