Thursday, June 30, 2016

workplace kitty

There are many benefits to having a cat in the office.

One being afternoon cat naps!

outside boys

Hi! Remember us?! We're all still awesome, furry, fluffy, purry, and loves.

I took an epic trip with a friend recently - super amazing! It ended with a weekend in my happy place...

We were enjoying a lovely canoe trip in these beautiful waters...

until a rogue wave capsized us! After I got my head back above water, I noticed my nice DSLR camera bobbing in the water, the camera bag keeping it afloat. Oddly enough, the camera didn't like the soak, so I'm back to using my ancient mobile phone camera. oh well, it's just tech - the experience was still amazing!

Meanwhile, back at the hobby cattery - it was a lovely afternoon to hangout with the outside boys...

Pierre is looking less and less feral these days!

Pierre is such a talker!!

Before I wrap things up, Nahum wanted to say hello too!

Buddy doesn't say hi, he's says enough bloggy-stuff, feed me second dinner!

Bye!  I hope summer is treating you well!