Monday, March 4, 2019

Winter updates!

Winter time greetings!

Where does the time go?!?! We are all doing well. Not much new going on, lots of work, house hunting continues without much success. We've been in this tiny "temporary" apartment now for exactly a year. That was not in our plan! I'm happy to report that my depression has remained in remission since the retreat I did in early January! That has made life significantly better.

Pierre still loves cuddling with his papa! And I still love seeing them cuddle!

Rose insists in eating behind the couch in the corner! She needs to feel protected to let her guard down to eat. She has been coming out more and hanging out across the living room, giving us the opportunity to admire her from a distance. Maybe in another 25 years she'll let us touch her!

Oliver continues to amaze me. Even though he sometimes gets bullied by Theo, he refuses to cower, nor to fight back. He could easily kick Theo's butt, but he is so gracious. He occupies the space he wants to occupy and tells Theo to just deal with it. He's never aggressive with any cat, which is so different than when he was outside cat. Then, he would cross over onto neighboring properties and pick fights with the neighboring cats. I'm so grateful his outdoor days are over. He seems pretty grateful too! It's not uncommon to see him laying upside-down on the couch in his favorite spot!

You can look and admire how soft and beautiful I am, but you can't touch! 
It's still weird having a semi-feral cat inside our apartment! He keeps a distance from the humans, but occasionally lets us walk by him in the hallway without moving. I would bet a kilo of catnip that he lets us snuggle him long before Rose does!

Nahum is perpetually the playful little boy. I love that he never grows up!!

Marvs has been doing great! He still goes in for 2x/week juicing, which seems to help. He has nearly daily asthma attacks, which are rough to witness. He recently started sounding more congested, so he's been getting an anti-biotic that has helped. He won't take pills, but thankfully he still loves dry food. And now that he doesn't have teeth, he just swallows down the dry food, so now we can hide a pill in a small gel cap, put it in the bowl of a few nuggets and he eats them all down!

Theo gets more lovey by the day. He's very clingy and needs more and more affection. 

Nahum has a thing for my shoes. It's not uncommon to find him out sleeping on the shoes. He's such a unique personality, makes me adore him to no end!

Marvs has been super affectionate since his brush with death a number of months ago. When he's not on his heated spot, he loves hanging out on top of me or in my lap.