Rose was found hiding in the engine compartment of a SUV parked in front of my house on September 17, 2010. She was quite dirty and terrified. She didn't have a microchip nor a home. The plan was to keep her overnight and take her to the animal shelter in the morning, but when Laura held her the plan instantly changed! She came to us weighing only two pounds, the vet thought she was about 8 weeks old.

Rose was my first experience with a kitten. She loves to play! Thankfully, Nahum loves to play with her so they often romp around, with Nahum being very gentle. Anytime I play feather toy with Nahum, Rose comes running and quickly takes over the game. She is growing like crazy and now resembles a small cat.

She appears like she is part Willow and part Theo. Her top-side resembles Theo's markings, dark brown spots on lighter brown base coat. Her chest and belly is white and she has four white paws.

Personality wise, Rose is very timid around humans. She usually darts away from people and prefers the company of the other cats. On very rare occasion she will seek out a few pets from a human. She enjoys gazing out the window and spending time on the porches.

Favorite treats:
  • Bonito flakes
  • Wildside Salmon treats
  • Any other treats
Favorite toys:
  • Feather wand toy
  • Shiny strands wand toy
  • Sparkle ball (small)
  • Anything! I haven't found a toy yet she doesn't like!
Favorite napping spots:
  • Cat bed under ottoman in front of fire
  • Cat bed on living room chair
  • Blanket on pokey
  • Cat bed on dishwasher
  • Under couch on blanket
Fun things about Rose:
  • She never tires of play
  • She's amazingly cute
Picture gallery: