Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hershey's first gotcha day!

It was one year ago today that Hershey went to his forever home with Mike!!! To celebrate this joyous occasion, Mike invited us over for a celebratory party!

Mike & Hershey - best friends!

As you can see, Hershey's doing fantastic!!

He's small but amazingly floofy! 

Hershey showed us he still knows how to zoom around!


Hershey's like Nahum, he loves to play and play!

Hershey was my first rescue that I adopted out. He'll always have a special place in my heart and I'm immensely thankful that Mike allows me to come visit!

Mike says he can't imagine not having Hershey in his life. I think the same is true with Hershey too, they very much love each other - a purrfect match!

thanks all my bloggie fans - I appreciates all yous!

YAH!!! I couldn't have asked for a better home for sweet Hershey.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Imagine a friendly Rose...

A Rose who enjoys playing with kittens...

A spirited Rose...

A confident Rose...

A flirty Rose...

A super flirty Rose...

A charming Rose...

This is Rose after not being touched by humans for many months - a more relaxed Rose. Each month that goes by where she evades human contact she gets more and more at ease. And then it happens, we can't put off clipping her claws, or flea treatment, or vaccinations any longer - then everything resets and she goes back to super-skittish, humans are evil, Rose. 

Sadly, it's about that time for humans to be evil once again.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dino's doom - in three acts

Warning: This post contains graphic images of a toy dinosaur being attacked by vicious house cats

Act I: Theo dispatches Dino

I am Dino, mighty dinosaur!! All cats fear me...

well, maybe all cats except for that one. 


Theo's up for the challenge.

Theo: Prepare to die little Dino...

you're not so tough now, are you?

Come on, fight like a real plastic Dino!

Where's that mighty roar now?

I'm gonna pluck your feet off...

one by one...

it's almost over for you, plastic dude.

I sharpen my claws before death blow...

Dino: Uncle!!!

Theo: Pathetic!

Act II: Young Nahum encounters Dino (2009)

munch! crunch!

Nahum: I eat Dino for breakfast

Act III: Nahum - Dino rematch (2014)

Nahum: You again! Prepare to expire, in slow motion...

Yuck! Dino taste nasty!

Dino: Ha! It pays to taste foul - works every time! I live another day!