Monday, January 13, 2014

over a month!

Oliver's been an inside kitty (for overnights) now for over a month!!

Do you think he likes being an inside kitty? I sleep better every night knowing he's safe inside.

His furs still look mangy, as he continues to overbathe. Soon, we will be switching him (and his family) over to all grain-free foods. Hopefully that will make a positive difference!

I'm thinking about how to do the introduction process with him and the resident inside kitties. Right now they don't have any physical contact. Here's what I'm thinking, to put Oliver in a wire crate and allow one of the other cats into the room to check him out. That way they can see and sniff each other but would have limited physical contact. I'm thinking one cat at a time. The cats I'm most worried about are Buddy and Theo as both of seem to really dislike Oliver. Any recommendations?

And speaking of Buddy, I just dropped him off at the vet's off this morning for his lump removal surgery. Please pray, purrs, warm thoughts or whatever else you do - for him. He's nearly 15 and I worry about the anesthesia with older cats. Thank you.


  1. Oliver could have a flea bite allergy that is causing him to over groom.

    Spare rooms are great if you have one for Oliver--especially if the cats can get their paws under the doors. The association of treats with Oliver would be good, too.

  2. Oliver certainly looks to be enjoying life on the inside. :-)

    Paws crossed for the introductions. And purrs and paws crossed for Buddy, we hope all goes smoothly, no problems.

  3. Prayers for Buddy. Oliver is going to be a good inside kitty. Take blankets for something that smells like him and put in with the other cats so they can get use to his scent! Good Luck.

  4. we are sending purrs to you and Buddy....please keep us updated

    try feeding Oliver and the others on opposite sides of his door - that way everyone can associate the smell of other cats with getting fed and it is a positive association

  5. Deep purrs for Buddy. (hugs) Please let us know how it all works out!

    RF is right about food and treats. I am still trying to get my seniors to accept the young interloper! It's ever so slow.

  6. OMC - you have a lot going on right now. Thoughts, purrs, and prayers are with you.

  7. PURRS for Buddy, I hope he's awake and lump-free by now. We just dump the new-comer into the fray, but the blanket and food ideas are great. And be patient!


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