Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dino's doom - in three acts

Warning: This post contains graphic images of a toy dinosaur being attacked by vicious house cats

Act I: Theo dispatches Dino

I am Dino, mighty dinosaur!! All cats fear me...

well, maybe all cats except for that one. 


Theo's up for the challenge.

Theo: Prepare to die little Dino...

you're not so tough now, are you?

Come on, fight like a real plastic Dino!

Where's that mighty roar now?

I'm gonna pluck your feet off...

one by one...

it's almost over for you, plastic dude.

I sharpen my claws before death blow...

Dino: Uncle!!!

Theo: Pathetic!

Act II: Young Nahum encounters Dino (2009)

munch! crunch!

Nahum: I eat Dino for breakfast

Act III: Nahum - Dino rematch (2014)

Nahum: You again! Prepare to expire, in slow motion...

Yuck! Dino taste nasty!

Dino: Ha! It pays to taste foul - works every time! I live another day!


  1. Hahaha! Brilliantly done! And excellent photo captures!

    We'll look forward to the rematch. :-)

  2. great story, with happy end - dino survived! yeeeee!!!!

  3. Oh, we are DYING laughing here!!!!! This was too funny. Dino's fangs were almost as big as Nahum's!

  4. bwaahahahaha that was awesome (and it was neat to see how much fuzzier Nahum has gotten )

  5. Well Mr. Dino put up a good fight didn't he?! The fact that plastic tastes icky certainly worked in his favor!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. I can not tell you how much I love this.. so many different levels..

  7. Haha - that Dino has been through a lot!!
    xo Catherine


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