Friday, March 24, 2017


It's good to be home after being out of town for what felt like a long time! My first stop on my journey was to Alabama to visit a friend, Jessica. And just so you know, I only visit people who have cats. Anyway, I've been to a lot of the states, but this was my first time to Alabama, so I wasn't sure what the cats would be like there.

photo courtesy of Jessica
I was pleased to find that the Alabama cats are much like the cats from other states.  This is Gelato, a real native Alabamian feline.

Gelato was a very polite hostess and even checked up on me several times in the night.

Jessica took me to a local breakfast cafe that has cats milling about their property. Can you believe that?! I'm so blessed to have such good friends.

Not sure what the name of this kitty is, but he was friendly and reminded me of Oliver!

I left Alabama and drove up to Tennessee for a work gig at Onsite. At the end of my week I met Beyonce, the Onsite kitty! I've been there a number of times and have only seen her from a distance, but this time as I was leaving I got to actually visit with her up close.

And now it's good to be home again! We're all just fine here. Settling back into the routines. Stay tuned though, cuz we have some big news to announce sometime soon!
Happy Weekend!!!