I've found a home!!!!

Hershey showed up on the back porch on the evening of October 20, 2012. After posting signs and Craigslist ads and notifying the city shelter about a found cat, no one claimed him. So, now he's looking for a special human to take him in and provide unlimited loves. Hershey went to his forever home on January  30, 2013!

Hershey is a small young adult cat with medium length soft fur. He weighs about 10 pounds. His coat is a mixture of browns - from light to very dark. He has long fluffy fur that is quite soft and yellow eyes. His appearance most resembles a small Maine Coon.

He's very energetic and he'll tell you all about his day when you look at him. His favorite pastime is PLAY! When he’s not playing, he enjoys cuddling or just being nearby and he loves, loves, loves having his cheeks rubbed!

He has a strong personality and is not afraid of other cats. He would probably do best as an only cat or with a young playful kitten/cat who enjoys rough and tumble play including extended sessions of chase and pounce. As far as we know he hasn’t lived with dogs, so his response to them is unknown.

Favorite treats:
  • He's not much for treats (can you believe it?!)
Favorite toys:
  • Shiny strands wand toy
  • String (old large boot lace)
  • Mousies to bat around
  • Da Bird!
Favorite napping spots:
  • Human bed
  • Human's lap or near the human
Fun things about Hershey:
  • He melts into a puddle of love when his cheeks are rubbed!
  • He loves to play. Never-ending play is his dream!
  • When he hasn't seen you for awhile, he's quick to tell you all about what he's been up to. 
  • Mr. Hershey
  • The Hersh
Picture gallery:

(updated 01/29/2013)


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