Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Meet Sparky.

photo courtesy of God's Little People
He was recently rescued by Joan, of God's Little People (or her blog: God's Little People). Joan lives on a tiny island in Greece, where cats are treated like pests. Cats are routinely dumped and discarded like trash. Joan has done wonders over the years saving many feline lives. Sparky is one of the latest lucky ones who is getting a chance at a better life, thanks to Joan's kind heart.

Sparky's story in Joan's words:
This afternoon this boy was dumped in our garden - well, I assume it must have been some time this afternoon. He was crying his lungs out and he displayed the same confused behavior as I've seen in other dumped and discarded cats. He is completely tame and was desperate for attention (and instantly purred when stroked) but moreover - he was STARVING hungry. As I could see he was not in the peak of health (tics and burnt ears and a runny nose) we took to have him checked by the vet. He has a cold and his stunning blue eyes are very red and irritated - yes, he is most probably deaf as it often is with white cats and blue eyes. I am very desperate for help to get him adopted as we simply do not have the space to home him, but for now I will of course make sure he is cared for. We will pick him up tomorrow evening and I will keep you updated. He looks very sad and very uncared for right now, but we will get him back to the stunning little guy he is. 
photo courtesy of God's Little People

Reading about this guy reminded me a lot of Theo. When he showed up he was starving and desperate for human love - in a frenzy, he couldn't decide which was his greatest need - to eat or be loved. Of course he got both. 

photo courtesy of God's Little People
Then a day later, another update from Joan:
He was very agitated at the vet (dogs barking etc.) and still hungry like a wolf when I let him out of the cage back home. He's no doubt suddenly gone without food for a period of time but I'm sure his crazy appetite will level out within a few days. He's had an antibiotic shot and had parasite treatment (last tics are dying off - some are still stuck in his fur coat, but he won't yet stand still to let me remove them) and he is sneezing and recovering from sun burnt ears. I left a large cushion and some blankets in an empty wardrobe knowing he would most likely go for a dark and quiet place... and sure enough. After he'd checked out his new room and sniffed his new toilet he instantly walked inside the wardrobe and didn't come out again. I believe he will have his first deep sleep and his healing will begin. I agreed with the vet to consider his neutering and vaccination in 4 weeks from now when he's had a chance to properly recover.
photo courtesy of God's Little People

More recently, she's posted pictures of him being more relaxed. She's estimating he's about 6-7 months old and he just adores being cuddled and loved.

photo courtesy of God's Little People

photo courtesy of God's Little People 

photo courtesy of God's Little People
I'm in love with this little guy and I'm thrilled to announce that Fourwhitepaws has decided to sponsor him! Once he's healed up, he'll get neutered and then will be looking for his forever home where he will be cherished and adored.

Please join with me in celebrating Sparky and his zest for life. Also join me in gratitude for Joan and all she does to improve the lives of the community cats in her part of the world. She is a true hero to these cats. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Bert found his new home!!

We took Bert over to a prospective adopter's house for a meet and greet and from the look of things, we all think it went fantastic!

The new human has two small, older dogs in a large house. We wanted to see how they would interact, the dogs pretty much left him alone. When one of them went over to sniff Bert, he responded with a nice hiss and the dog backed away. This seemed like a really awesome response. It told us that neither one is really afraid of the other, and the dogs respected Bert's hiss. I don't have any worry that the dogs will do anything harmful to Bert, but I do fear Bert maybe mean to the dogs and give chase and pounce on them (like he does Rose and Buddy). That's why we'll start with a trial to see how it goes.

Bert did great exploring his new home.

Notice the "tail in the air" stance indicating he already owns the place.

Bert used a safe space under the coffee-table as a nice place to rest between exploration excursions. It was really interesting to see how much he rallied when I was near to comfort him and provide him a sense of security. No question, I'm his safe-human. 

Bert's looking into the kitchen and TV room, which is where the dogs are. 
These two rooms are their usual territory, behind the baby-gates.

Seeing him curious and cautious about the dogs (not cowering) seems hopeful!

The adopter has had many cats before, each living to very old ages. She's been without a cat now for a little over a year and feels it's time again. The absence of a feline presence is really getting to her and lucky for her, Bert certainly has a strong feline presence!

The plan is for me to take Bert back next weekend for placement. It will be very sad for me to let him go, I've grown quite attached to him (and him to me). I'm grateful to have one last week of loving on him and soaking up his delightful presence. It also gives me time to get his vaccines updated and him chipped so he'll be fully ready to go. It helps feeling like it is a really good home for him to be going into, but I sure hope he doesn't feel like I'm abandoning him, as nothing could be further from the truth. 

Please purr with me, that he won't feel abandoned and celebrate with me that Bert has a new home!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

sunbathing beauties

Warm temperatures means sunbathing season has started!

Pierre sunning his belly in the middle of the yard

Pierre soaking up the sun

Nudie Oliver! (he keeps chewing off his furs)

Pierre adores his papa!

Precious Oliver!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

becoming friends

Newsflash! Rose and Bert shared the floor together!! Can you believe it?!

This is a first as Bert's usually chasing Rose, making her run for her life...

but in this moment, he's trying to get her to play!


Beautiful Rose

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

belated Gotcha Day!

We had no internets all last week, so we got behind on the sharing the happenings. First, last Saturday was Nahum & Willow's 6th Gotcha Day! Six years of these beauties. We celebrated with extra loves and special treats!

Bert shares the moment with Nahum and Willow

The mutual playing turned into mutual napping

Pretty Willow

Konked out Bert

6 years of Mr. Fluff!

The time is going too fast! Six years has not felt like six years - ack! I'm so grateful for these two, they add such a delightful presence to my life. Everyday I celebrate their precious lives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

counter works

Hmmm... who's this counter-surfing kitty, who's trying to hide behind the blur?

It's Oliver!

What's he doing inside?!

Monday, May 11, 2015


The Bert-man is still hanging out with us. 

A potential adopter is interested in meeting him, so we'll go visit in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Bert is still Bert!

He's all love - except when he's harassing the other cats! 
His love of life is evident in all he does.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

grieving for Nerissa

MOUSES! We are really sad to hear that Nerissa has crossed the bridge - really sads. The news hasn't fully settled in yet, feels unreal. How can this be?

Nerissa has the honor of being the only kitty from the 2014 Cats of the CB Calendar to grace our refrigerator. I love this photo - it was my favorite picture out of all the photos.

Rest in peace my kitty friend, you are missed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

mighty lion

Every day and sometimes several times a day, when I come home Oliver and I go through our little greeting ritual. I've already told you about how he ambushes me at the car, so I'll pick it up from when he lets me leave the car.

I approach the back steps, while he parks on the bottom stair...

He waits for just the right moment...

And then lets loose with a mighty lionesque scratch.

The presence of such might and power elicits fear and respect.

A rough translation of the markings: