Sometime in Willow's first year of life, she was a stray living on the street with Nahum before she was rescued by Oasis for Animals, a local rescue group. We adopted her on May 16, 2009 at an adoption event at a nearby Petsmart.

Willow is small in size and weighs only about 10 pounds. She is only 10.5 inches tall and 28.5 inches from nose to end of tail. Her top side is mostly grey with faint darker spots in a stripped pattern. Over her first year her coat darkened and now she appears mostly solid grey. Her chest and belly has lots of white. She has four white paws. Her coat is very soft to the touch.

Her disposition is sweet and gentle. She doesn't care much for being held or snuggling unless she chooses to do so! Willow is very easy going and an all around wonderful cat.

Willow came with a severe upper respiratory infection that the vet believes caused damage to her lungs and nasal passages. An endoscopy confirmed the damage and supported the diagnosis of asthma. She occasional has times where she struggles to breathe, which is difficult to witness. We treat her asthma with medications and have an inhaler ready to go if need be.

Favorite treats:
  • Bonito flakes
  • Wildside Salmon treats
Favorite toys:
  • Red or green sparkle ball (small)
  • Small hard plastic rattly mice
  • Cat Dancer toy
  • Kragonfly by Neko Flies
Favorite napping spots:
  • Sprawled out on the LL Bean flannel pet blanket on the ottoman in front of the fire
  • Any soft spot in the sunshine
  • Under the ottoman in front of the fire in her medium sized white cat bed
Fun things about Willow:
  • She loves to sleep in forts made of blankets
  • She is my smallest cat but she has the loudest purr!
  • She only makes noise under two conditions, if she sees a bird and chatters and when she makes eye contact as she is asking for food, she will meow once
  • She loves to hunt moths on the porch at night
  • Sweet Willow
  • Willow Monster
Picture gallery:

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