Saturday, June 15, 2019

rally #351

Marvin has rallied once more! He keeps approaching what looks like the end of the line and then he reveals he has another life yet. Miracle cat, this one.

We learned from recent ultrasound that his worsening breathing problem was complication of his asthma, mucous accumulating in his lungs. Terbutaline seems to be helping quite a bit, yah!

We also learned that his kidney failure keeps getting worse. We knew that was inevitable. Thankfully, he's still eating well. He still gets sub-q fluids twice a week.

We're appreciating every moment with this guy, never knowing when the next rally won't come. He's a love.

Go Marvs!

Friday, June 7, 2019


Nahum is radioactive!

He went in for his i131 radioactive iodine treatment for his hyperthyroidism. We were able to coordinate the treatment when we were going to be out of town. He spent the week at the vets chilling as the treatment did it's thing. I was able to watch him from the webcam they had setup in his suite.

He looked pretty bored in his suite, even with kitty television going.

We got home on Thursday and picked Nahum up on Friday. Before we picked Nahum up, Theo was looking very subdued and withdrawn. For the first time in his life he was separated from his fluffy pal, and he's such a sensitive guy. Theo was soooooo happy to see his Nahum come back home! Sadly, Nahum needs to be quarantined for 2-weeks, so they will only have little visits for now and it's going to be a challenge not to give into Nahum's pitiful crying!

Meanwhile, Mr. Marv's health continues to decline. Before we left on our trip, he got an ultrasound (which in this area is a big deal). The report indicated no congestive heart failure (yah!!), instead mucus is building up in the lungs, due to asthma. That was good news, with that information, we know better how to treat his condition to help him cough the mucus up. The blood work however revealed his kidneys are much worse off now. He came back from spending the day at the vets and stopped eating and looked awful. We thought we might loose him leading up to our trip or even when we were away but he rallied. We certainly have the sense that our time with him is getting more and more limited.