Monday, June 29, 2015

a small herd of gentle, well loved horses

Note: This post was written on Saturday to post on Monday morning, and when it goes live, I'll be riding a horse somewhere in the mountains of the Bob Marshall Wilderness (Montana, USA).

I'm on a week-long adventure that involves horses, breathtaking scenic beauty, intensive therapy, and most likely grizzly bears. Wowza! I have no experience riding horses or being around horses, am freaked out by bears, and have significant anxiety about entering unfamiliar situations, but I felt a strong calling from God to go on this adventure and confront the fears that hold me back from fully living into life.

Not ever having done something like this before, I have no experience to draw on for setting expectations or preparing for what to bring. This has caused considerable anxiety as my fears tend to run wild when I lack information and experience, both of which provide me a sense of control. Apparently, I'm a bigger control freak than I ever realized! Yikes.

Nahum wants to come with me!

When I first read the description of this program, the phrase "a small herd of gentle well loved horses" tugged at my heart. I'm not sure why, but it was very compelling, enough so that I took the plunge and am now riding a horse in amazing beauty.

When I get back, I'll fill you in on the status of my fears. I'm hoping I can leave the bulk of them in the wilderness. Meanwhile, join me in a toast - to courage!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I received this photo and update from Bert's mom.
photo courtesy of Bert's mom
"Bert loves the spot right in front of the air conditioner. This little pink dog bed is now completely his own."
I could not be more thrilled for Bert! He landed the most perfect home where he's adored and cherished. It sounds like he's even sharing the bed at night with his mom and two doggie friends! Way to go Bert!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Looks like there's something in the weeds...

It's Pierre!

Somedays, I feel like napping in the weeds too.

Friday, June 19, 2015

friday fort-day

Pierre and Oliver were looking for another fort to appear, but sadly I had to work.

Meanwhile, the inside kitties get forts everyday on the couch. They are simple to make, just tuck one end of the blanket behind the top cushion and the other end on the bottom side - instant kitty fort!

singe fort model
Demand for the forts can be high, so I always try to have at least two available.
dual fort model
Rose demonstrates proper fort occupation
Build your kitty a fort today! Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

fort fun for Oliver

You might remember, last March, I built a blanket fort for the inside kitties. They loved it. The only problem was this:

Oliver wasn't able to play with us. So, with it being a beautiful day and me not needing to work, it was time for Oliver to have some fun...

the fort begins to take shape...

Every fort's gotta be stocked with yummy provisions...

and it's only polite to share...

and then came time for some nip...


this bud's got some kick!

and then time to play...

meanwhile, an intruder arrives...

and begins gathering tactical information...

the siege begins...

the fort is stormed...

the staring contest ensues...

notice the intensity...

in the eyes...

Pierre collapses under the pressure...


time to unwind...



 meanwhile, Oliver slips out the back and collapses the fort from above... 

Oliver has retaken the fort....

a collapsed fort is still a fun fort...

fort time is fun!!

and in the end we're still pals!

And this time, Theo got to watch all the fun with desire in his eyes.

The only thing missing from this time that would have made it better, was beautiful MK. He would have loved to play with us too. So sad he's no longer with us. My heart still cries for him.

Cats are so fun! Purrfect way to spend a day off! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bert update

We got to visit Bert this past weekend! He's doing great!

He's got the purrfect home!

Notice Bert is free and Petey (dog) is in prison! Ha!
Bert's mom posted an update:
Hi everyone, this is Bert's new mom. Bert fits right in at our house. The dogs respect him and he respects them, but he doesn't take any nonsense from them. They love the routine, they line up for treats together in the morning, they are making great progress in the rituals of supper and bedtime. When I do my morning exercises they love the chance to play around me on the floor and Bert is right there, getting head rubs and scratches. Petey (the black dog) waits for Bert to eat before he eats, maybe he is conceding his place? I have never ever seen that! My house feels like a home now that our kitty is here, I believe Bert was meant to be with us. Thank you Phil, words are not enough!

Bert still likes his head rubs!

Yep, he's still a love!

Look what Bert's mom got him!! His very own cat tree and if that wasn't enough, she hung a bird feeder outside the window so Bert can take up bird watching!!
photo courtesy of Bert's mom
I love it when a rescued cat finds a perfect home! Bert had to wait some time but the wait was sure worth it! Go Bert!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Buddy's 4-year gotcha day!!

4 years ago I visited PAWS Cat City with no idea I would need to take home another cat!

I went into one of the colony rooms to visit with the cats and then this happened:

Then a few minutes later, this happened:

Well, no way I could resist all that. I learned a big lesson that day, it's not safe for me to visit shelter cats! Yikes! Buddy was 12 years old when we took him home, which means today he's 15-16 years old.

Buddy knows what he wants and doesn't hesitate to boss me around. He's very persuasive. 

Happy Gotcha Day my Buddy!! 

I'm glad you came home with us!