Wednesday, March 18, 2020

happy new year!

Happy New Year!!! (better late than never!)

It's been forever since I've posted, yikes! Sorry about that and thank you to those who inquired about our well-being. A combination of a lot going on and technology challenges.

We are all well!

It's been an action packed end of the year and start to this year.

The holidays were enjoyable. Laura made a yummy Christmas dinner, that we took over to my parents' place to share.

Christmas dinner
Early into the new year, my 84yo mother slipped and fell. Her dementia had really worsened, and the fall really intensified the decline of cognitive functioning. Her fall started a rapid decline of her quality of life. She passed away on Jan 21st. It's been sad but the most predominate emotion has been relief. Her quality of life was very poor, so she is no longer suffering and dad was very overwhelmed with trying to be her caretaker. I am now free from worrying about her.

Time since her death has felt much less emotionally intense, but more busy with time looking after dad. He quickly realized he can't afford to remain in the house any longer, so needs to move. We discussed the option of him moving in with us when we buy a house and he's considering it.

That conversation spurred us to start looking at houses again. We tried to get a few, but had no luck. And then at the end of February we put an offer in on a house, and it was accepted!! Now we're in the process of buying it! Paws crossed it all works out. We are very excited about the possibility of having a house once again! It's just right down the street from our current apartment.

The right side of the house, where the door is, is a lovely sun room for the cats!!!!

Screened in windows on all three sides. The cats are going to LOVE this space!! And of course that's why we are buying it, for the cats.

We are less than three weeks away from closing. Super excited!!

Meanwhile, I'm planning on taking Nahum to my office tomorrow in hopes that he will one day become my office cat! After having Marvin at my office, I really missing having a kitty presence there. Hopefully Nahum likes his new job.

Theo & Nahum, best friends forever!

Theo has been a little more accepting of Oliver. Nahum is still a brat though and bullies Oliver any chance he can get.

I mentioned last summer that I had started offering equine assisted therapy. At the start of this new year I started a new part-time job as the equine therapist at a large nearby equine facility. It's been a ton of fun and the best bit - I get to hang out with the three barn kitties!

Tuffy is the boy barn kitty and he's all love and cuddles. He's often joining me for my sessions, although at the last session he showed up late - he waltzed in and dropped a gift in the middle of the office floor - gross!! Having Tuffy around has really made me want to have one of my kitties in my regular office, so hopefully things go well with Nahum. Stay tuned!