Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Best friends lick on each other.

Best friends get annoyed with each other. 

Best friends work through conflict, repair relationships, and forgive. 

Best friends protect you from scary humans. 

Best friends enjoy hanging out together. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Father's day!

It's that day again, the day to celebrate Oliver! He's the only father here. And he's a fantastic papa!

He takes good care of his son. 

This day has always been a day of mixed emotions. It seems a holiday geared towards people who have quality relationships with their fathers, at least that is what gets depicted in media - that would not be me. For me, it's a day of grieving what I wish I had.

I wish I had an engaged father, like Oliver is to Pierre. I hope you all take good care of your hearts on this day of mixed feels. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

take your fluffy cat to work day

Did you get the memo? Today is take your fluffy cat to work day!  I'm so glad I looked at that memo, would have been sad to miss out.

It's a good thing Nahum is so, chill.

He likes the individual attention, where he doesn't feel he has to compete with other cats to get play and attention. 
When does the work begin?

Nahum joined me for several sessions and did great! Everyone comments on what a large cat he is. 17 pounds of love and fluff! He adds such a calming energy to the room. 

ok, work day done, time for homes!

Home and sleeping in the spot.

I so love bringing cats to the office! 

Monday, June 6, 2022

home work

The cats love it when I work from home, especially Theo! The hole in his love tank seems to be getting bigger, as the frequency that he needs hands on love keeps growing more and more.

He's very insistent on getting his love time. He gets frantic when I don't settle down at my desk on his time schedule. 

After having his tummy rubbed for a while, he then settles in for a nice nap. He's been leaving my arms free, so I can still type and he's out of view on the Zoom calls. 

I love having him join me, it makes work so much more fun! I usually get a visit from Nahum and Oliver too. And I get at least one glare from Rose! 

Weather has been lovely, so it's kayak season again. I've been getting out as often as my schedule, health, and the weather allow. I love going early in the morning when there is no one else there. The peacefulness works wonders to quiet my soul. It feels like church, the loons and deer make lovely community. The bird song is delightful. 

Peace to you.