Wednesday, April 30, 2014

wonderful Hershey

I had something to look forward to all day yesterday, after work I was going to visit Hershey and Mike. They are both doing fantastic, and Hershey's still as delightful as ever! For those that don't know Hershey, he was the first cat I adopted out after rescuing him. Giving him up was not easy and I'm immensely thankful that Mike invites me over for visitation!

First order of business is loves. Lots of sniffing and loves for everyone!

Handsome Hershey

Hershey showed me his new trick - he has trained Mike to give him a treat 
every time he stands on his back legs! Mike's a quick study!

This seems to be one of Hershey's favorite hangout spots

gotta play in the box!

Look how new that scratcher still looks!

Showing us that he still has the moves

time out

more play!

time for more treats!

If you really want to see Hershey in action, check out these videos that Mike recently shared with me:



Thanks to Mike and Hershey for the fabulous visit!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Willow 2.0

I shared with you earlier in the week how Willow went to the vet on Monday for her dental work. Well, the vet must have done something to her, because she has not been the same since returning.

Willow's never been overly affectionate. She might crawl up in my lap maybe once every three or four months, but since returning from the vet, she cannot keep herself off of me!

She's gone crazy for cuddles and loves. 

Had I known the only thing stopping her from becoming a cuddle kitty was her teeth, I would have had those pulled a long time ago!

Having another cuddly kitty in the family does pose for an extra challenge. They all want to cuddle only with me and that's a problem, because my lap is only so big! Oliver, Theo, Buddy and now Willow all need their daily cuddle time - how am I suppose to get any work done?!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

new fence

The neighbor's new fence is now in. Pierre wasted no time checking it out.

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to talk with my new neighbors about Oliver and his family. I warned them that Oliver can be a bit of a bully. I learned they have a heart for cat rescue, having rescued some 400 cats in their lifetime and they have worked with several different rescue groups. They didn't seem worried about Oliver or his family. I feel better knowing they're advocates for cats.

They have a few older indoor/outdoor rescued cats that will roam their fenced yard. They also have a few dogs that are used to cats. The previous neighbor had a few dogs who I don't think were overly friendly toward cats but Oliver's family knew to keep distance from them.

new view from dining room window

I learned today the neighbor plans to keep the old fence up, to keep the dogs more contained and out of the other section. Not sure which section the dogs will get, but I hope it's the backyard part closer to their house.

new view from living room window

It's gonna take some time to get used to the new view but I don't think our light will be as compromised as I first feared.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the Willow returns

Willow did great with her oral surgery!

The x-rays reviewed a second tooth on the other side that was also in need of help, so she lost two of her beautiful tooths! 

Since returning home, she has been exceptionally affectionate. She even woke me many times in the night needing loves, which of course she got!

no more!

Thanks everyone for your purrs, I'm always nervous about anesthesia, and especially with Willow because of her asthma. But the vet said all went perfectly. How could it be any different with purrfect little Willow?!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

ouchy tooth

It's that time of year again, when all the cats head next door to the vet for their annual inspection and vaccines. Willow, Nahum, Theo and Rose got to partake of the adventure. Managing four cats in the exam room is a bit of a challenge, but the bulk discount makes it worth it - they charge one multi-cat exam fee for as many cats as we show up with.

Everyone checked out ok, even Theo's thyroid blood levels were good. Only one issue was found, Willow has an ouchy tooth. She has a cavity that needs attention. How could this be?

I'm guessing it's because she's so sweet and everyone knows sugar causes cavities.

Poor Willow, soon she'll be missing a tooth. I inquired about getting her a crown or implant, but the vet didn't seem keen on that idea. I'm thinking my Willow will still be perfect, even with one less tooth.

She's scheduled to go in Monday morning for the extraction. 
Purrs for my sweet little precious girl.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The world needs more love

Thank you everyone for your ideas and words of reassurance about the fence situation. I'll be talking with the new neighbors about Oliver and The Family at the next opportunity. Once everything is settled with the new fence, I'll see what I can do about making some sort of interesting bird sanctuary. It will be a challenge to get much to grow there as that strip of land between house and fence will get next to no sunlight. This will be my chance to be creative.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

change is coming

The older I get the less I like change but this poses a challenge, since change is inevitable.

This week I learned that some change is coming. We've owned our home for almost nine years now.  Most of the houses around us are rentals, which makes for interesting neighbors. The house adjacent to ours to the south is a rental. I learned earlier this week that there are new people moving in next door and they have big plans.

I sort of know the couple moving in, as they were living a few blocks away and I would occasionally say hi when walking by. They have two indoor/outdoor cats, both are mostly friendly. Having two outdoor cats living next door is not going to go over well with Oliver or his family. They consider the neighbor's yard to be their's too. I foresee a lot of fighting in Oliver's future which is making me very stressed.

The other big change is that they are building a new fence. The old one is in pretty sad shape, so it does need replacing.

Believe it or not, I didn't add the cat hole, the board just happen
 to break at the perfect height for cats to walk through!

I learned that the new fence they are installing will go along the property line, which is significantly different than the current fence. The old fence is along the property line in the back of the house but due to the ground contour, it gradually moves up into their property. The new fence is going to be built along the property line for the full length of the lot.

Here is what the current fence looks like (the red house is mine):

And this is where the new fence will go:

Our house, which was built in the early 1900's, is only five feet from the property line. Which means soon we'll have a six foot fence five feet from the house which will block a significant portion of light into the house. This makes me very unhappy. The fence will also block a lot of the indoor cats' view.

Sanborn map from 1902, my house is the one in the middle.

One potential positive of the fence is that the people are considering installing some sort of barrier along the top of the fence to keep their cats in their yard. I'm imagining it might be something like what Kea has on her backyard fence.

Today the old fence was partly taken down, giving Oliver and his family lots of new things to check out.





I'm of the belief that good fences make good neighbors. I'm just bummed at the location of the new fence and how it will impact Oliver's territory.

Friday, April 4, 2014

around the cattery

A few scenes from around the hobby cattery this week...

Oliver going furless

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little late.

Supervised lunch

Ready to ride!

Have an wicked awesome weekend!!