Theo first came into my life on December 26, 2009. He appeared about a month earlier at my in-laws home in rural Indiana and didn't have a home. I happened to be visiting for Christmas, when Theo decided to introduce himself. The poor guy was frozen (air temp was in the single digits), starving and desperately wanting affection. I immediately fell in love with him and flew him home with me.

Theo is a large muscular cat. He measures 13.5 inches tall and 32 inches from nose to tip of his tail. He weighs about 14 pounds. He appears to resemble the Bengal Cat breed in both appearance and temperament. He has dark brown stripes against his short light brown fur. 

Theo is a cat of extremes, he is either on (full crazy speed) or off (zonked), all in or not at all - no middle ground with him! I am guessing this may have been what contributed to him fracturing his upper canine tooth shortly after he came to live with me. His missing tooth has given him a sinister grin. His high energy level may come from his hyperthyroidism which is controlled through daily medications.

He loves to be held or to snuggle in a lap for long naps. He has a gentle quiet purr and a very loud grating meow. Theo can often be found watching the yard from one of the many viewing spots on the porches.

Favorite treats:
  • Any food item
Favorite toys:
  • Kragonfly by Neko Flies
  • Natural Mice by Kong
  • Kickeroo
Favorite napping spots:
  • Cat bed on dishwasher
  • Most anywhere
Fun things about Theo:
  • He responds to several commands: come, sit, shake, left and right
  • Theo is short for Theodore, which in Greek means "Gift from God"
  • He is a very easy going cat, nothing seems to frighten him
  • Theo is intensely food-focused
  • Giving Theo a pill is easy, he never fights it - he hops right in your lap and tilts his head back ready for the pill. Immediately afterwards he demands his treat chaser!
  • Theo's bold personality makes him lots of fun
Picture gallery: