Sometime in Nahum's first year of life, he was a stray living on the street with Willow. He was rescued by Oasis for Animals, a local rescue group. We adopted him on May 16, 2009 at an adoption event at a nearby Petsmart.

Nahum is a large fluffy cat. He measures 13 inches tall and 32 inches from nose to end of tail. He weighs about 16 pounds. His coat is a mixture of browns - from light to very dark. He has long fluffy fur that is quite soft and green eyes. His appearance most resembles a Maine Coon.

Nahum can play very gently as he did with Rose when she was a kitten and super intensely as he does with Theo when they tussle. He accepts being picked up and carried around, although it's not his favorite thing. He is starting to enjoy hanging out in my lap more frequently, which is delightful. He has a very soft, gentle purr.

Favorite treats:
  • Bonito flakes
  • Wildside Salmon treats
  • Hills Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic treats
Favorite toys:
  • Feather wand toy
  • Shiny strands wand toy
  • String (old large boot lace)
  • Cat Dancer
  • Kragonfly by Neko Flies
Favorite napping spots:
  • Draped over the back of a couch
  • Blue office chair
  • Most anywhere
Fun things about Nahum:
  • His ears are always very warm.
  • He asks to have his tummy rubbed by rolling over on the floor and intently gazing at the human while upside-down.
  • Nahum in Hebrew means "comforter".
  • He loves to play. It's not easy to satisfy his desire for play.
  • He loves to talk! He makes all sorts of varying sounds, rarely do any of them sounds like a typical meow.
  • He frequently "gets his crazies on" and zooms all around the house. This is often accompanied by him seeing "ghosties".
  • Nahum loves greens - lettuce, flowers and anything leafy!
  • Mister
Things I love about Nahum:
  • The floof!!
  • Warm ears
  • Non-stop desire to play
  • Playful childlike personality
  • So curious about everything!
  • Loves ribbon and string
  • Love for lettuce
  • Plops upside down in middle of room and stares at me, asking for tummy rubs
  • Drags his toys over to me to get me to play with him
  • Big paws
  • Beautiful
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