Tuesday, October 25, 2022

more Theo

We learned this afternoon that Theo's brain tumor has returned. It was almost exactly two years ago that he had a large meningioma removed. This tumor is smaller and in same place.

It has affected his left side, not allowing his legs or face to function properly. 

We have elected for another round of brain surgery, to have the tumor removed. His heart disease is a little more advanced than it was back then, so that adds a complicating factor. 

We are not sure the date of surgery yet, either tomorrow (26th) or next Tuesday. Hoping for tomorrow. 

Neurologist said Theo is such a love of a cat, she can completely understand why we would make the choice to try to have more time with him. He is pure joy. 

Purrs for Theo. ❤️

Monday, October 24, 2022


Hello friends. 

Life has been good here, although this morning Theo was acting odd. His left side doesn't seem to be functioning well, we fear stroke. He'll spend day at vet.

Prayers and purrs appreciated.