Friday, June 27, 2014

work interrupted

I haven't been posting much lately nor visiting all my favorite blogs as I've been quite a bit more busy than usual. A never ending TNR project has been consuming gobs of time and my work load has picked up. I've been posting my TNR adventures over on backyardTNR, but that hasn't left energy for much else. Thankfully, that TNR project is almost wrapped up, so maybe soon, life will settle in again.

Meanwhile, Willow remains super-snuggly. This is a major shift in her personality, which took place immediately after getting a few of her teeth pulled a few months ago.

How was I suppose to get any work done with Willow being so snuggly and cute?! These pictures don't capture her purr motor going full speed!

Considering the situation, I did the only logical thing...

I texted Laura lots of Willow pictures so she couldn't work either! 

Willow wasn't the only one being cute.

Sleeping Nahum is always cute.

Happy Friday!!! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tramp finds his forever home!

Remember Tramp? The formerly homeless cat who I was helping get a second chance at the good life? Well, the foster mom worked miracles with him over the course of June and he really came out his shell. He became amazingly affectionate and snuggly. 

He went to his new forever home on Wednesday afternoon! He'll be the only cat, living with a gentleman who was looking for a "roommate" - it'll be just a matter of time till Tramp becomes his best friend! I feel good about his new home and look forward to the updates!

Best wishes to you sweet Tramp!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the next level

Pierre and I took our relationship to the next level this morning.

I have been playing with him using the feather on a string, wand toy. He and Oliver love that. Occasionally, Pierre gets so into it that he forgets his fear of humans for a few seconds.

Often in the mornings, when I feed Oliver and his family special breakfast, Pierre will rub his body against mine and I can pet his back a few times before he remembers his fear and darts just out of reach. Today was different.

I rubbed his head for the first time and that was a game changer. He pushed into it and wanted more. There was no fear! I think I found the sweet spot for him where pleasure trumps fear!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Buddy's Gotcha Day!

Yikes - I'm just squeaking in a late celebration post for Buddy's third Gotcha Day!! We didn't miss this exciting day, I've just been busy with TNR stuff, so am only now getting around to sharing joy of the day!

Three years ago today Buddy came home with us! A decision we all seem to be happy with!

No pictures!

Buddy went to the vet last week for his annual check-up. He has arthritis in his back end, which seems to be getting worse. He's around 15 years old and he moves like an older cat. It's clear when he climbs the stairs that he's in pain on the last few steps. I've built him a special ramp so he can walk up the stairs rather than climb each stair. The ramp seems to make it easier on him but he doesn't use it much.

I'm not cooperating!

We've tried Cosequin in the past and it seemed to help but it also upset his tummy causing him to vomit and not eat. The vet recommended we try a different supplement that comes in a "delicious" chew that all cats love - Buddy is our most finicky cat. He soundly rejected the chews.

If you think those chews are delicious then you eat them!

Buddy eats his first dinner with the other cats, then a few hours later he starts demanding his second dinner which always takes place privately in the upstairs bedroom. The other day, I brought up his bowl of unfinished dry food from first dinner and he protested! Second dinner always happens in the stainless steel bowl, not the ceramic bowl - that's for first dinner! I dumped the nuggets into the correct bowl and he immediately snarfed them down. Third dinner can be in any bowl...

Ok, I'll pose with my favorite nip-nanner.

We did the senior screen blood panel and his thyroid level has gone up a bit. Not yet in the high range, but not far from it either. Will check again in 6-months and then it might be time to start medication.

No more flashy box!

Buddy enjoyed a few bites of bacon on his Gothca Day! He LOVES bacon! We think his earlier humans must have given him all sorts of human food, cuz he goes bonkers for it. We love you Buddy, so grateful to get to spend another year with you!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a pause in the action

Can you help me caption this picture of Rose?

I've not been able to blog much due to not having time or energy. I've been working some large TNR projects that are taking up lots of time. Early morning checking traps and running cats to the clinic and late night checking traps and wrangling Oliver inside. In between those things comes my day job and a little sleep, thankfully, Wednesday is the last clinic for the week, so I get a few days off from TNR.

Monday, June 2, 2014


I've tried and tried to drop trap the new backyard kitty but each with no success. I'll keep trying, but staying up to the wee hours of the morning each night wears me down. That and the other TNR work has been like having another part-time job! If only I could get paid to do TNR!

Meanwhile, I got a call from someone who's moving and she's concerned about the wellbeing of a feral she's been befriending. She first got to know Tramp as a curious young feral and over time they have become friends. Now, he comes into her townhouse whenever he wants and he's best friends with her male cat. She's able to pet him but that's about it. She can't take him where she's moving to, and wanted him to be well cared for. So, I stopped by and got him into a carrier and brought him home.

He has a date with the neuter clinic on Monday morning and then he'll be fostered by someone who loves working with cats who needs socializing. Hopefully he comes around and becomes more friendly, if not, then I'll be looking for a barn home for him where he can be with other cats.

For now, he's hanging out in my garage holding pen.

Meanwhile, on my way home from setting up traps at another TNR site, I spotted a lose dog strolling along a 7-lane busy highway. No humans or houses were around, so I spun the car around and coaxed him to me.

He had a collar but no tags. He's an older Chocolate Lab, sweet as can be. I brought him by my 24-hour vet where they scanned him and found a microchip! They did the rest of the work (I love my vet!) So, hopefully by now he has been reunited with his peoples.