Monday, December 30, 2013


Diva and Rori spent their first night in their new home huddled in their open carrier on the bathroom floor, too terrified to do much except stay low. Eventually they moved from their carrier to the covered litter box. Their new humans, Holland and Matt were worried about them, seeing them so scared. To ease the transition, I brought over with a large wire crate, in order to setup a smaller safe space for them to acclimate in.

We setup the crate in the dining room on the table, with the kitty furnishings they are familiar with. I moved them to the crate and they did fabulous! It didn't take them long at all to relax, Rori even showed off her mesmerizing purr!

When relocating cats to new space, it's best to start with a very small room, like a bathroom. That gives them a chance to get familiar with a small space without being overwhelmed by a full house. But sometimes with shy cats, even a bathroom is too big, which was the case with Rori and Diva. So, I reduced the size of their territory to the size of the crate. The sheet over the crate provides cover which makes it feel every safer.

Once in their new space, they explored it and owned it in less than an hour.

Now that the kittens are feeling more at ease, Matt and Holland can spend time reaching in and loving on them. Soon, they will be picking them up and holding them. In no time at all, Matt and Holland will be their safe humans.

As the kittens get more at ease their natural curiosity will take over and they will want to explore their new home more fully. Before I left, Rori was already showing many signs of being curious about the rooms outside her crate.

Rori soaks up the love from Matt

I know I'll sleep better tonight knowing Rori and Diva are comfortable and adjusting to their new home. I'm sure all of us will be sleeping better knowing the kittens are no longer suffering. I'm glad Holland and Matt reached out for help and allowed me to take over their dining room! They will be awesome kitty parents, Diva and Rori have already stollen their hearts!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Diva & Rori go home!

Diva and Rori found their forever home!! One of their new humans found Diva's listing on Petfinder and fell in love. And when she saw Rori's listing she had to have them both!


Diva and Rori really enjoy playing and hanging out with each other, I'm thrilled that they get to spend the rest of their lives together!

Of course, this means that my heart is broken. Sweet Diva stole my heart and she refused to give it back. She became quite the sweet kitten, she loved to climb on my chest and sleep, she was quite the cuddle bug. Her loud purr motor is so comforting. I'll miss her!

Rori loves to play and play. She's not big on human contact but you get her playing and she'll be your best friend! For sure, she will miss snuggling with Nahum.

Diva, melting in front of the fire

I'm filled with joy for them as they move into their new home - their humans are gracious and patient. They will be well loved and cared for, which is a delight. And I'm sad to say goodbye to two adorably sweet kittens. Thankfully, I've been granted visitation rights! So, hopefully, I get to see them in the near future!

Be well Diva and Rori - enjoy your new home - keep each other company and be sure to charm your new humans with your lovey nature and darling personalities.

With Diva and Rori in their new home, that means all the kittens have found their homes! Yea!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

midnight cuddles

Each time I wake in the middle of the night I get to see Rori cuddled up with Nahum. They look so peaceful, so perfect.

Tuesday night:

Wednesday night:

And here I've been worried about separating sisters, Diva and Rori but really, I should be more worried about separating Rori from Uncle Nahum.  She adores cuddling with him.

Monday, December 16, 2013

table for sale

I use Craigslist, an online classified ads site, to sell stuff all the time. We recently brought in a dining room table that has been in Laura's family for generations, so the previous table had to go. What better way to get rid of it than to sell in on Craigslist, right?

So, I went to take a few photos and here's what I got:

Oddly enough, no one has inquired yet.

new tree

Even though the temperature has warmed up over this past week, Oliver has spent every night this week inside, safe and toasty warm! He comes to the window and asks to be let in - what a sweetie! He settles right into his space and is there waiting for me in the morning. I think I have slept better this past week than anytime I can remember, knowing he's safe and comfy.

Somehow Oliver's even talked me into letting him in during the day too! Rather than sleep in one of the many warm beds I have for him around the property, he prefers to sleep inside like, a real inside-kitty! So, when he asks to come in, I put down his litter box in the small office/bed room and let him take it over. So far, he has not urine marked in the room - I think having the litter box in there helps, that way he has a legit way to urine mark!

One of my next projects is to clean out his room and get it more comfy for humans and cats. That will be a nice wintertime project. I like the idea of him taking up longer term residence in the room. I wish I could get his family in there too! Not sure how I would pull that off.

Meanwhile, Sunday was the last day of the Home for the Holidays big adoption event! Being the last day, the raffle was held for the many items available. I bought a few tickets for the large cat tree - I figured, with Oliver having his own room, he needs a cat tree! Well, guess what?! I won!!

All the kitties have to check it out before Oliver gets a turn!

Willow's bustin the moves!

After I cleared out a spot in Oliver's room, I set it up. Oliver was waiting for me on the front porch, so I brought him in so he could check it out. He gave it a thorough inspection.

And after checking it out, he preferred the quilt on the table! Maybe he's used to his real trees and so the fake cat-tree is not impressing him much! He does like to hang out in his real lilac tree and he uses it for a scratching post!

Later when he came in for the evening...

He settled right in!

Goodnight sweet, Oliver, enjoy your new fake cat-tree!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

too cold

The weather station last night said we were in for the coldest night we've had in four years. When I checked the temperature last night it was 13°F (-10°C), too cold for Oliver to be spending outside, even with his many heated spaces. So, after he asked several times to come inside where it's warm, his wish was granted!!

Oliver spent the night in the small bedroom/office curled up on the heating pad I put in there for him. Seeing him warm and happy made me so happy! Maybe this can be the start of something wonderful! Then I'll have to figure out how to get his family inside too!

It was a bit chilly in the house last night, but Rori figured out how to stay toasty warm:

Friday, December 6, 2013

nugget heist


Never a dull moment here, hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Home for the Holidays

The Community Cat Coalition, is once again hosting, Home for the Holidays, a huge cat adoption event and fundraiser for three busy weekends before Christmas. The goal is to get kitties homes! We also invited some other rescue groups to share the space with us, so doggies are available too. Santa is even here, getting his picture taken with people and their critters!

These kittens are available for adoption!
Thanks to some very generous people we are in the same huge space as last year, which gives us great visibility!

In this picture, you can see the cat section, if I was to turn my head to the left and take a picture you would see a similar scene in the dog section. Weird how I didn't take any pictures of the dog section...

Here are my kittens! Notice there are only three signs hanging, that's because Ella found her new home earlier at this event!

Being non-stop cute is exhausting!

Ella and Felix enjoying some last cuddles together in the hammock.


I'm helping find a home for B-Man, a large 9 year old boy. B-Man is a lover, he so loves to cuddle and be close, he's also FIV+. He was rescued from an abusive situation where his previous owner kept him outside and he repeatedly was attacked by an aggressive tomcat and required extensive medical treatment. Thankfully that horror is over now and he's now looking for a loving home, with people who will forever cherish him and rub his big tummy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

mystery cats revealed

We have a winner! John in Vancouver correctly identified the three cats pictured in the previous post as the cats of Cattywumpus!

illustration courtesy of Cattywumpus
illustration courtesy of Cattywumpus
illustration courtesy of Cattywumpus

For his winning entry, John will receive a copy of Careers for Your Cat, which is beautifully illustrated by Ann of Cattywumpus!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

can you identify these famous cats?

I once again find myself traveling, far away from home, which means far away from my cats. I can't tell you where I am just yet, because first, I want to offer up a challenge for you to solve.

This evening I had the privilege of meeting up with a delightful and amazingly gifted cat blogger that most of you know. And of course, I also got to meet her three precious cats. Now, here's the challenge - take a look at these kitties and can you identify the cats and thus the blog? First one to identify all three cats correctly wins a prize! Oh, and before I post the pictures, I must appologize for my poor photography - the kitties were shy, so they wouldn't let me get to close and they didn't want to look at me!

Kitty #1:

Kitty #2:

Kitty #3:

Hint #1: The order of the cats in these photos corresponds to the order in which the cats came into the blogger's life.

Leave your answers in the comments, first one with the right answers gets the prize!! If no one gets it correct I'll post another hint.  Good luck!!