Monday, December 2, 2013

Home for the Holidays

The Community Cat Coalition, is once again hosting, Home for the Holidays, a huge cat adoption event and fundraiser for three busy weekends before Christmas. The goal is to get kitties homes! We also invited some other rescue groups to share the space with us, so doggies are available too. Santa is even here, getting his picture taken with people and their critters!

These kittens are available for adoption!
Thanks to some very generous people we are in the same huge space as last year, which gives us great visibility!

In this picture, you can see the cat section, if I was to turn my head to the left and take a picture you would see a similar scene in the dog section. Weird how I didn't take any pictures of the dog section...

Here are my kittens! Notice there are only three signs hanging, that's because Ella found her new home earlier at this event!

Being non-stop cute is exhausting!

Ella and Felix enjoying some last cuddles together in the hammock.


I'm helping find a home for B-Man, a large 9 year old boy. B-Man is a lover, he so loves to cuddle and be close, he's also FIV+. He was rescued from an abusive situation where his previous owner kept him outside and he repeatedly was attacked by an aggressive tomcat and required extensive medical treatment. Thankfully that horror is over now and he's now looking for a loving home, with people who will forever cherish him and rub his big tummy!


  1. Oh, I DOOOOOO hope that all these babies find their furrever homes.
    Jane x

  2. we love that space - and what a great event. paws crossed for homes for everyone!!!

  3. Purrs for them all to find wonderful forever homes, especially B-Man. What a sweetie, poor boy.

    And we love that Santa, he's terrific!

  4. We love the tight threesome picture! I hope all of the cats find new homes :)

    I'm especially hoping for B-Man. I have a soft spot for FIV+ cats. I clean the FIV+ building at a no kill shelter every other Saturday.

  5. The firs picture was beautiful :))

    Welcome to join my blog

  6. It's our megadoptathon this weekend here in Florida the goals are always high they want to go way over 1000 adoptions this weekend. We are hopeful. But this event looks fabulous and wish you the very best and hope everyone finds a forever home.

  7. This is just fantastic. I think that's the NICEST Santa I've ever seen, no lie.

  8. Oh those adorable sweet babies . Good luck darlings.


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