Oliver first showed up around the house sometime in either late 2010 or early 2011. The first picture I have of him is dated January 23, 2011. He was a skinny kitty back then who always ran off anytime a human was near. In August, I built him a comfortable home and a place to eat, since then he has called our yard home and has become very friendly. In November, 2011, Oliver brought his family to visit (Mama Kitty and his two kittens), they now regularly visit but live at an unknown location.

Also in November, 2011, Oliver was trapped and brought to the vet to be examined and neutered. He tested healthy and did well with the neuter. The vet guessed him to be between 2-3 years old.

Oliver was first known as Black Kitty or BK. For Christmas 2011, BK got his official name, Oliver.

Oliver is a good sized cat. He is solid and stocky. He has shorthair with black all over. He has a faint white spot on his chest and a few white furs sprinkled in among the black on his back. His coat is amazingly soft and well kept.

His disposition is very sweet. He loves to be held and to snuggle in one's lap, it seems he can't get enough of either. Oliver is a very easygoing kitty. He's playful and silly at times.

Favorite treats:
  • Catnip
  • Any!
Favorite toys:
  • Thus far Oliver enjoys all of his toys about equally. He loves to chase the "red dot" from the laser pointer all across the yard as I shine it through the window. He also enjoys playing string and feather toy.
Favorite napping spots:
  • In my lap.
  • In his insulated and heated cat house that I built custom for him. The house is tucked in some trees in the side yard.
  • On top of his cat house, snoopy style!
  • Under the swing behind his house.
Fun things about Oliver:
  • He loves to bop noses and smash his face into my face
  • He purrs and purrs non-stop when in contact with safe humans.
  • BK
Picture gallery:

skinny Oliver, Aug 2011

well fed Oliver. Jan, 2012

(updated 01/08/2012)


  1. I must have been sleeping when you sneaked this page in! It is quite good actually, and I see he now has a spot on the Home Page sidebar as well.

  2. Oh Oliver..I wonder how you are, if Buddy has relented, and if your family is well. Miss you.


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