Wednesday, October 31, 2018

spooky pleasure

Halloween is one of those nights that used to cause a lot of stress. All those people roaming around at night and a horrible time to be a black outside cat. Unsafe. Every year I would try to round up Oliver and his family and keep them safe and sound on the back porch, but sometimes they refused and I would stress, stress, stress!

Tonight, Oliver and Pierre spend their first Halloween as inside only cats!!!!!! Yah!!!! All the cats celebrated with special yummy dinners!

Oliver enjoying his heated bed!
Pierre enjoying his heated window perch!
With all the challenge and emotional stress the move to New England has brought, I sometimes question our decision to move. I long for the settled home-life we once had. Did we make the right choice? Maybe it was a mistake?  And then I look at Oliver and Pierre being perfect inside kitty citizens, safe and well behaved, and I think it was worth it for that alone.

Happy Spooky Halloween! Purrs to all the outside kitties this night - stay safe and out of sight.