Monday, June 2, 2014


I've tried and tried to drop trap the new backyard kitty but each with no success. I'll keep trying, but staying up to the wee hours of the morning each night wears me down. That and the other TNR work has been like having another part-time job! If only I could get paid to do TNR!

Meanwhile, I got a call from someone who's moving and she's concerned about the wellbeing of a feral she's been befriending. She first got to know Tramp as a curious young feral and over time they have become friends. Now, he comes into her townhouse whenever he wants and he's best friends with her male cat. She's able to pet him but that's about it. She can't take him where she's moving to, and wanted him to be well cared for. So, I stopped by and got him into a carrier and brought him home.

He has a date with the neuter clinic on Monday morning and then he'll be fostered by someone who loves working with cats who needs socializing. Hopefully he comes around and becomes more friendly, if not, then I'll be looking for a barn home for him where he can be with other cats.

For now, he's hanging out in my garage holding pen.

Meanwhile, on my way home from setting up traps at another TNR site, I spotted a lose dog strolling along a 7-lane busy highway. No humans or houses were around, so I spun the car around and coaxed him to me.

He had a collar but no tags. He's an older Chocolate Lab, sweet as can be. I brought him by my 24-hour vet where they scanned him and found a microchip! They did the rest of the work (I love my vet!) So, hopefully by now he has been reunited with his peoples.


  1. You are truly a wonderful guy! So much good...the world is blessed to have ya!

  2. Aaaaaww Hims pawsum and da doggys purretty cute too.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses


  3. Tramp is stunning, what a beautiful cat. Glad he'll be snipped and that one way or another, he'll be taken care of.

    Ditto: You're pretty amazing, we think. It would be a better world if more humans had the compassion for four-leggeds that you have.

  4. You have been busy! I hope the feral can be tamed enough for adoption. Sounds like he has made good progress already :-)

  5. I am grateful for Tramp's friend for trying to home him or get him help! And I am grateful to you. Every time I come here I always am grateful for you.

  6. Tramp is quite handsome and I sure am glad you saved the woofie!

  7. Phil, you are a saint! Tramp is beautiful, and is lucky to have landed in your hands. And the doggie rescue - bravo!

  8. glad you were able to help Tramp and the dog :)

  9. You are helping so many animals! That is so heartwarming! We sure hope the doggie was able to get back to his humans!

  10. You´re doing a great job, taking care of cats and dogs! Tramp is a beautiful cat. Hope he´s got a nice home!
    Gun, Sweden

  11. You do such wonderful work with the ferals. And yay for saving the doggy!

    We would like to thank you for stopping by our blog to offer your kind and comforting words when we lost our Whisky and Pok in early May. It meant a lot to us.

  12. He has beautiful eyes, and an appropriate name!

  13. Wow! You've been super busy but doin' AMAZING things in all your busyness. EXCELLENT.


    PS. Thank you SO much for helpin' Tramp in that way. purrs


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