Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It is common to see Theo trying to wrestle with Willow like he does with Nahum; tackling her when she is least expecting it and chasing after her. Unlike Nahum, however, she doesn't enjoy his antics. Her typical response is to cower and quickly escape, rarely does she dish back what Theo serves her.

Over the past year, Willow's energy has been greatly reduced by the daily steroid she gets to help her breathe. We recently tried cutting back the dose in an effort to find the lowest effective dose. The impact on her energy level has been remarkable. She runs and jumps around now like she did in the early days after we brought her home. It's absolutely delightful to see her spunky side again.

Last night she surprised us all. It was early evening, Willow was running and bounding around the house having lots of fun. In the midst of her bouncing around, she took a short pause while sitting near Theo. Then without any warning she sprang way up in the air and fully body slammed Theo to the floor! Thud! Theo was smacked down hard, a triumphant Willow on top of him. He managed to free himself and quickly retreated to a safe distance where he shook off the trauma. He carried a puzzled look on his face as he tried to figure out what had just happened. For the remainder of the night he was very cautious around her.

Willow gave notice this night, she is to be messed with no more!

There is something very satisfying about seeing the bully get his comeuppance! Go Willow!

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