Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day daze

This is one day, a Monday, a full day, a scary day, a productive day, a day of play and one that is thankfully near it's end.

Morning began with the completion of painting the front of the house, followed by learning that Laura's commuter bus has been in an accident on the interstate. She was shaken up and feeling sore and achy in the same spots that had only recently healed from her previous car accidents, some four and five years earlier.

Afternoon was filled with a visit to the urgent care clinic, filling prescriptions and procuring ice packs. Work then called, but before I could leave for the office, Nahum proclaimed his need for attention as he plopped in my lap and instantly became a puddle of kitty-putty. Work was delayed.

With evening came the ending of work to the cheerful sound of the anonymous street corner piano player as the moon rose from behind the mountains. Finally, home and then dinner, followed by delightful play. Nahum's need for play would be put off no more, feather toy and Nahum would at last fly!

Days like these make me even more grateful for Nahum's playfulness. The perfect way to end this overly-full day involves waving the feather toy in the air and laughing as Nahum gives chase. Stress is eased, a new day is on the other side of the darkness, and I feel almost ready.

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