Thursday, September 1, 2011

black kitty gets a name

Exciting news! I cleaned some of the first floor windows overlooking the side yard yesterday. The result is much better photographs! Yahoo!

Thanks everyone who offered name suggestions for the Black Kitty. Not knowing its gender (although I am guessing female) and not knowing its personality makes it challenging to name. There were many great suggestions, I liked Voodoo and Spot the best. Laura liked Clancy. However, I have decided to go with a variation of Greg_1948's idea and go with BK (short for Black Kitty). Once I get to know her some more, I may revisit her name, but for now BK it is.

I decided to put some canned and dry food out for BK and was pleased to see her out there gobbling up the canned. She didn't touch the Meow Mix! Yuck! Now that I know she eats the wet food without hesitation, I'll mix the dewormer medication in it as soon as I get it. When she was done licking out the dish, she looked up at me with a very pleased and appreciative look on her face which made me quite happy. I wish I had the camera to capture that expression.

I am amazed at the effect of clean windows. I remember the last time I cleaned the windows (many years ago) I made a mental note at that time to clean them every year because the difference is enormous and well worth the effort. Well, of course I filed that note away for safe keeping and kept putting off the job! Now, every time I look out the window I'm stunned at how bright and clear the view is.

In the afternoon I looked out the clean window and noticed all the Meow Mix was gone and I saw this:

It's the crooked-tail kitty keeled over in the middle of the yard!

Yikes! Is it still breathing?!

Thankfully, it was.

Alive and well. Must have decided to take a nap in the sun after finishing off the Meow Mix.

Later in the evening, BK was out hunting again.


  1. Yeah for BK. And mom loves the smile on the crooked tailed kitty's face after eating his dinner.... is gonna have to do the windows this weekend.... :)

  2. BK it is! I had the same experience with windows...once clean they added a sense of order and acuity to life that I had not known I was missing! Sounds like the word is getting out among the ferals that your place is a refuge.

  3. Yahoo for BK!

    We laffed and laffed at crooked tail kitty. He looked like he was out of it on nip!
    Oh don't remind Mom she needs to clean the windows...*sigh*


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