Friday, June 21, 2013

prison break

For three days in a row last week I woke up in the night to the sound of cats fighting. Each night the fighting was later into the morning. On one day, around 2am, I ran outside in my bathrobe to try to break it up. An angry neighbor across the street had beat me to the scene. She was out there screaming at them to stop.

I don't like the idea of Oliver upsetting the neighbors. It would be horrible if the neighbors decided to take matters into their own hands and do something awful to Oliver and his family. I also don't like the idea of him fighting. So, I've resorted to locking Oliver on the fully enclosed front porch for the nights  and have started giving him daily fluoxetine in hopes it will curb his urine marking and strong territorial attitude.

I feel horribly guilty when I lock him away, and when I don't, I worry all night that he'll get in a fight when he's patrolling the neighborhood. Either way I lose!

The other night, after he promised me he wouldn't fight, I decided to let him remain free that night. I went to bed worrying about him. Sure enough, a little before six in the morning, I hear cat fighting! In a huff, I throw on my robe and start to charge down the stairs. Before I got very far, I see Oliver sitting peacefully on the front porch, looking up at me with a quizzical look. Sometime in the night, he decided to lock himself on the front porch. Oliver was not fighting this time, I had indicted the wrong cat!

Oliver has learned to let himself onto the front porch by pushing his head against the door and moving forward into the opening. The door closes behind him, locking him away until someone comes and lets him back out. I don't think he views being on the front porch as a negative, he actually seems to equate it to being one step closer to being an inside kitty, which is his true wish.

Wednesday night, I again left Oliver free for the night. I went to bed worried about him. I awoke a few hours later and checked the porch camera, Oliver had locked himself on the front porch once again! I fell back to sleep much more at ease, knowing Oliver was safe. Oddly, in the morning Oliver was no longer on the porch! How did he escape?! Take a look and come to your own conclusions.

10:52pm, Oliver lets himself onto the front porch

12:19am, Oliver's still hanging out

12:43am, he's still there

1:53am, Pierre's looking in

I'm speculating that Oliver escaped his front porch prison with some help from the outside. The evidence strongly points to Pierre as the accomplice. Maybe Pierre pushed the door open for Oliver so he could escape. Very sneaky, those two!

Update: Same thing happened last night. Take a look:

11:31pm, Oliver enters porch



3:41am, first visitor

4:36am, second visitor

4:42am, hanging out



4:57:40am, escape!

5:05am, third visitor

What's your theory of how Oliver manages to escape?


  1. Wow, impressive and very resourceful. It must be Pierre or one of the other cats sticking a paw or head in enough that Oliver can get the door. Or is that just mesh screen -- could he hook a paw in that and tug it open? I still vote for a little help. Good teamwork.

    1. The screen door is actually made of wood and has a large and heavy metal mesh plate over the bottom part so the cats can't get through the screen. The door is quite heavy for a screen door.

  2. Wow what a character. I bet he has help!!

  3. sounds like he is training the kids. So, do you know who the other cat is? i have to say, if it is someone's "indoor" cat it should be up to them to keep their cat inside. though like you I would worry about Olive. Cute though that he can let himself into the porch.

  4. I'm thinking the same as Fuzzy Tails - he has help there in the escape photo.

  5. Oliver's one very smart kitty! We think somekitty from outside must have pushed at the door and Oliver took the opportunity to get out?

  6. That Oliver is one very smart kitty.
    But we do hope the fighting stops.
    We don't want anyone hurt.

  7. Oh yea, Oliver is a smart one and I agree that he asked and received some help!

  8. Haahahahaah!! great pictures! I think he has help from the outside...DEFINATELY!

  9. Yeah, he's got a minion or two! Smart kittehs.

  10. LOL! Kitties are very smart and when there's a will there's a way!
    Too funny.
    xo Catherine

  11. Ha ha ha! This is like watching an episode of Homeland or something! Smartiepants kitties for sure ;-)

  12. Oliver...we know someone HAS to be letting you out!!

  13. Hmmm... seems like Pierre has to be involved! No other explanation that I can think of. I really hope Oliver can one day be an indoor kitty. The worry every night would sicken me too.


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