Friday, August 2, 2013

basement entry

The construction on the basement entry/back porch is well underway, which means the outside cats' space is disturbed. So far, Oliver's taking it all in stride. He's such an easygoing cat!

In this picture, you see Oliver's back porch on the left and the door on the right is the basement entry. And I should point out, it's the only entry to the basement.

The basement entry is original to the house but the back porch was added on sometime over the past 100 years. Whoever added the back porch made a big mistake, they didn't change the orientation of the roof over the basement entry. The result being the water runs off the roof right into the wall of the back porch. This is a recipe for rot.

And rot we have. Lots and lots of rotten boards. My task is to rip out all the rot and rebuild. Part of the back porch will need to be rebuilt and most of the basement entry, including a new roof with proper orientation.

I've never done remodeling work to this scale, but thankfully I have an eager assistant, who's not afraid to get his paws dirty.

Oliver's always willing to lend a helping paw.

Every house project I work on these days usually involves improving the lives of the cats, and I'm pretty sure this one won't be any different. I've got some grand plans of how to better Oliver's back porch, which will include some built-in heated and insulated cozy kitty space. 

Pierre and MK have a snuggle in the Lounge Hall


  1. That Oliver is so helpful and such a cool guy!

  2. Wow, that DOES sound like a big project! I'm sure your snoopervisor will be a big help.

  3. We bet Oliver is fascinated by all the construction! SO much to do, snoopervising.

  4. I wish I could find the right words to express my gratitude and liking to you and your wife for ALL that you do to enrice your indoor AND outdoor kitties lives.

  5. Hallelujah for helpful assistants! Looks like lots of work but it appears you've got some handy paws as backup so all should be well I'm sure!

  6. Pawsome! Looks like a lot of work ahead but how grand when it's done....and having assistants (snoopervisors) will be ever so helpful.....maybe!

    Pam (and Sam)

  7. Now that Oliver is such a great helper, how can you go wrong!

  8. Oh my yes ~ cats seem to very helpful when it comes to renovations as we know. If only they had some thumbs to pick up a hammer or broom. ;)
    Good luck with your renovations - always so much to do!
    xo Catherine

  9. I love how your home improvement projects always do have the cats in mind.


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