Friday, September 13, 2013

foster update

Who knew kitten taming would be so much work?! Well, it's not so much the work as the time - time to hold them and love on them when I have to work and tend to the other cats. The cute factor is off the charts!

Little Belle overwhelms me with her cutes

All of them are darling cute. 

Some of them still hiss when I approach, but once they are being held, they settle in.

My friend who trapped the kittens, is what I would call a "kitten specialist". She had an opening in her house for some kittens, so I jumped at the chance to give these little ones some time with a "master" kitten tamer. In her care, they will soon be little fuzzy bundles of purr. I'm not sure how long she will have them for though as I heard something about some bottle babies coming her way - anytime they get with her will be greatly beneficial. Meanwhile, I'll be moving a large cage into my dining room for when they come back.

On the day we trapped the kittens' mom, we also trapped a small friendly young adult boy, who was unaltered and not microchipped. Trapping friendlies always caused me much stress because what do you do with them? So many people here dump their pet cats when they move, so there are lots of homeless friendly cats. This guy could have a home and humans who miss him. The last thing I want to do is take someone's loved cat and rehome them - but the opposite could be true too, he may be homeless. No way do I want to release a super-affectionate cat to be homeless again when I could easily find him a home.

Such is my dilemma with Simon.

Simon is a beautiful gray/cream and white super-affectionate cat. 

More than anything else, he loves to have his head rubbed!

How can I turn this lover boy back out on the street
 not knowing if he has people caring for him?

I decided to hang some "found cat" posters around where I trapped him, put an "found cat" ad on Craigslist and the person who's property he was trapped on talked with some neighbors who we thought he might belong to. It's been nearly a week and so far nothing. I'm thinking I will give his humans one more week and if they don't come forward or post "lost cat" signs, then I'll find him a new home.


  1. I don't know what's sadder; thinking that someone dumped this beautiful kitty or that someone lost him and isn't trying to look for him. I sure hope he finds his real home or a wonderful new home soon. He looks special!
    xo Catherine

  2. Simon is very handsome and the kittens, well, SQUEEEEEEE!

    Purring for furever homes for these cuties.

  3. Simon is gorgeous! Oh my those whiskers!
    The kittens? OH what kitteny goodness is all I can say.

    We are sure Simon will have a happily ever after!

  4. I hope this darling guy finds a good home soon. In my experience with lost cats it is very seldom anyone is looking for them. So sad. You are doing some wonderful work. The pile of kittens is too cute for words. The thought that they all need good homes is overwhelming but I do wish you good luck with them. Deb

  5. Regarding Simon: we have a similar situation as well. What we did was buy a collar and have a tag engraved that says "If I belong to you, please call 707-555-1234" but with our phone number. Our little guy walked around for awhile wearing that - we never received a phone call so he's ours now.

  6. That is a difficult issue with saving cats. We do our best but he was not altered so...
    You deserve an awardie for the work you are doing
    Stop by my bloggie tomorrow to pick it up!
    Timmy Tomcat

  7. Yes semi feral kittens are ALOT of work but you're absolutely right - they go right off the charts on the adorable metre!

    Simon is also SO BEAUTIFUL - I hope you are able to find him a loving forever home; he so deserves it.

  8. Oh, I am just so admiring of those absolutely gorgeous babies. Oh they are so adorable and your pictures are perfection. Simon darling, please find someone deserving of you. xoxox to you sweet boy

  9. OH my cuteness, the kittens are absolutely adooooorable! I am sure it is really hard to pull away from them as you have so many things to do besides melting away just by looking at them.

    Simon.. find him a loving home. When we trap semi friendly cats we try to socialize them and find them homes, if they are friendly, there is no doubt we'll be fixing them and finding them a home.

  10. The second photo of the kittens is amazing. You couldn't get them to line up and stay like that if you wanted them to do so. Maybe Simon ran away from home. We think those who love their pets have posters up immediately and have ads in newspapers and do whatever else they can if their animal is lost. At least we know that's what our mom has always done. Our Madison was a cat that hung around our neighborhood for a really long time and was never claimed by anyone. He was so well-mannered and loving that we knew he once had a home, but for whatever reason, he no longer could or wanted to be there. Good luck with Simon. He is so handsome and obviously loving. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. Wow, Simon is a beauty. I bet he doesn't have a home - most people can't put up with unfixed males in their house. I hope you can find him a wonderful home - he deserves it!
    And the kittens are adorable! I DO know how exhausting it can be, although I've never tried to care for four!
    You are doing such good work.

  12. Not surprised in the least how much work they are ;) they are also horribly distracting..

    It is so sad to see stray kitties who look very much like they were once loved. I hope found posts do the job and get this kitty reunited with those who love it, but if not, be content that you tried.


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