Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Buddy's always been a picky eater, but now as he gets older his finickiness is growing, as his weight is dropping. So, I'm always looking for more creative ways to get him to eat. He really likes saucy food and doesn't care for the chewing part as much. He loves to lick up the sauce in Friskies shreds or the sauce in Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers foods. He's never been into healthy food and that's more true now than ever.

He loves people food - bacon (his all time favorite!), tuna, chicken, cheese, etc. He's becoming quite the pest come dinner time, with his getting up on the table and begging. He doesn't take no for an answer! Anyway, I had an idea - what about getting a mini-food processor and blending up some custom foods for him. This way I can mix in some of his favorite human-foods into cat food, making custom flavors and food that's more saucy.

I found the perfect thing at the local Goodwill - a Small Cuisinart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments for $15. The container is the perfect size for cat food.

For this smoothie, I used a half can of Taste of the Wild wet food (which Buddy refuses to eat, cuz it's chunky and too healthy) and added some sliced cheese-product (which Buddy loves!)


Saucy, cheesy goodness!

Now comes the test - will he eat it?

That is a no! So, I bring out some Purely Fancy Feast tuna to see if maybe he'll eat that...

After two bites of dry kibble, he turns his back - he's done. Sigh.

Since he rejected all of his options, this is one of those nights where he just wasn't gonna eat, no matter what. He has eaten other smoothies I've made using Friskies or Fancy Feast as the base. I knew trying the healthier stuff was a risk. This smoothie won't be wasted as Theo and Nahum will happily make it go away!


  1. Good try.. It's cool you found that at a thrift store, and I'm glad it is working at least some of the time :)

  2. Dang, we think that looks good and we'll have to try that smoothie thing here!

  3. We mom and dads really go through it!

  4. Just a thought, does Buddy have a cold? Maybe his nose isnt' working well, so he's not getting the aroma. Anyhow, I'm sure you've covered that, so here's what we do when Chucky is being finicky; I sprinkle nutritional yeast (brewer's yeast) on top of his food, and he licks it up. I was told that the yeasty smell is like the kibble smell.

  5. I understand these picky eaters. Charlie has always been a good eater and not really picky, but as he has aged he has turned his back on food more often then not. He does love human food and like Buddy has become a total pest! I have had to put him in the bedroom while I eat at times. He won't take no or a gentle push away, he just comes right back. He is on some Thyroid meds and has started eating again and likes Wellness chicken its finely chopped and he will eat it...most of the time. GoodLuck.

  6. nice attempt....only to be foiled by the cat. mom says sometimes the battle isn't worth it - give us what we WILL eat to be sure we are at least eating something

  7. Ah, Buddy, don't worry. Your human will figure out the perfect food for you!

  8. Skootch has similar issues, except that he's not interested in human food. He has had terrible runs lately, and yesterday I realized that the runs coincided with my changing the food to something he likes.Problem is, what he likes is giving him the runs! So last night I started mixing his old food with some new, and adding a bit of water to make it more saucy. The jury is still out.

  9. It sounded like a good idea, but apparently he didn't think so. He doesn't have a tooth problem does he? Might be worth checking if you haven't already done so. -- just a thought.

  10. It was a nice try, chef. Maybe you can come up with a more popular recipe. I don't have any to give. Perhaps you should just set another plate at the dinner table for Buddy, as it is important he eat something!

  11. That seems like a great idea, sorry it doesn't work every time.

  12. Brilliant idea.....Sam likes very WET wet food so I have to add water to everything and make it soupy before he'll eat/slurp it. He's always been picky - won't eat anything chunky or shreddy. I might try the processor idea!



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