Tuesday, October 25, 2016

a narrow escape

Oliver has gotten to spend some time inside over this past weekend - practicing his inside kitty skills!

I think he's got his inside kitty technique down pretty good.

On Sunday afternoon we had a scary event. I was out repairing the camera in Oliver's house and he came over to assist. He had climbed up between the insulation top enclosure and the large hinged heavy wooden roof. Then disaster struck, the support holding up the heavy wooden roof somehow gave way. The roof came crashing down - the next thing I saw was a black blur, as Oliver darted across the yard, limping heavily - his back leg not moving like the others. He made his way into the crawl space under the house - he was terrified. I crawled under with him and in time he crawled in my lap, purring. He was so scared.

Oliver let me touch him all over without visible signs of pain. I've been monitoring him closely since and he seems fine. I've been feeling sick thinking he might have been seriously hurt, but he's not limping anymore and is acting like nothing happened. I'm guessing he might have jumped out of the way in time to not have gotten squished, maybe he landed funny, thus the limp. It's a miracle he's okay as the roof of his house is insanely heavy. It could have easily been a serious injury. I felt awful but am SO grateful he's ok.

Limping is not new to Oliver, in fact it was seeing him limping on his back leg many years ago, that made me realize I needed to TNR him and get him medical help. By the time I had trapped him and got him to the vet the limping had stopped, so they never found out what was going on with his leg. I've noticed over time he sometimes takes stairs carefully and sometimes favors a back leg. Even though he's appearing normal, I might still take him to the vet to get checked out just for my own peace of mind and to get some x-rays of that leg to get a better idea what might be causing the longstanding, sporadic limp.

Monday night, I brought him inside for more monitoring and some healing inside kitty time.

I'm holding my kitties close tonight in love and gratitude - each moment I have is a gift and I'm aware that crazy, unexpected things can happen at any time. Be safe out there my friends and hug your furry ones!


  1. That was so scary and I'm so glad Oliver is OK. Hugs and lots of purrs to both of you.

  2. Oh, that would have almost given me heart failure! I'm so glad Oliver seems to be okay now. Near miss indeed. As for his indoor kitty skills, he has those down pat. :-)

  3. I'm so glad he is OK!! He used one of his nine lives!

  4. Yes, a vet visit will put your mind at ease; I would do the same thing. I know this is way out there for most folks, but there are cat chiropractors around...my cats have benefited from their services!

  5. Oh yes, he is showing great indoor technique!

  6. Sure glad he is all right. He seems to be enjoying the inside life. That is good.

  7. dood...that waz a call two cloze.....we iz sorree bout that but buzzed happee yur doin well now....we noe yur dad waz az scared...N yea...best safe than knot....wood knot hurt ta get an X ray...just ta bee sure ♥♥♥

  8. It is so nice to see Oliver working on his inside skills and it looks like he is close to graduation. Hey, when you get a minute check out my Monday post :)

  9. Phew !!! Lucky he has nine lives !
    But I'm glad he is O.K.
    and I'm happy, you are in good hands


  10. OH that about gave ME heart failure too. I have a lot of love in my heart for Oliver and Pierre. Oliver, please please please master that one essential skill and you will be your Daddy's inside boy! Many many smoochies to you Oliver. A:LL of you fur babies there, but Oliver I have to say you took my heart right off when I first met you. You, Pierre and MK.

  11. Poor OLiver, I am glad he is OK.

  12. Glad to hear he is okay... but I was wondering, how were his indoor manners? any chance he was litter box compliant?

    1. Whenever he's inside he remains under constant supervision. He'll use a litter box just fine for his business but he also like's to spray the surroundings to mark his territory. So, that's where the supervision comes in! I see him spraying outside all the time to mark his territory and I haven't given him the chance to do so inside in a long time - makes quite the mess!


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