Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bean goes kitty

Everyone seems to have a brand they gravitate to.  LL Bean is mine.  Warm sweaters and cozy flannels is how I roll.  My favorite is the flannel lined jeans and pants - it's like Nahum, getting to wear your fuzzies anywhere!

One problem with Bean is that they have lots of dog stuff but lack kitty stuff. Finally that's changed, they now have kitty slippers! Laura's recent birthday was the purrfect occasion to try them out. And the verdict? Laura loves them!

Meanwhile a little more Willow to get you by. . .


  1. Ahhhh sweet Willow!
    Those are GREAT slippers!

  2. Oooh, I LOVE those slippers! Once in awhile an LL Bean catalogue shows up here. I don't online shop there, just presume shipping to Canada to be cost-prohibitive. But maybe I ought to take a look anyway!

  3. LL Bean recently opened a store at the mall near us; I haven't gone yet but I might...those slippers are cute! Willow looks a bit pensive, or is she sighing because you've got the camera out again?

  4. I too am an LL Bean fan. They are VERY dog oriented. There seem pages of dog beds, handsome ones too, but nothing for kitties. However, still a fan 😊 and Like their clothing. Well made, well fitting. Good Morning Willow!

  5. Yes!!! It's about time that Bean recognizes the kitties.
    I guess dogs go better with the outdoor-sey hunting image. (Even though cats are the ultimate hunters) The slippers are really nice. And I do love their clothing.
    Hi, Willow! Looking awfully cute.

  6. Love those slippers and they are going on my Christmas wish list!! Oh Willow photos makes me happy. Waking up to my new kitty Annie is such a blessing! Life is better with a cat(s) in a home. Hugs.

  7. Great slippers. Willow is a cutie.


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