Monday, July 24, 2017

boys of summer

These boys know how to make my heart glow.

Oliver loves!!

Pierre loves!!!

 Just a matter of time before Pierre is rolling over for tummy rubs.

Yes, Pierre is as soft as he appears!

I was recently in Tennessee again for work. Very beautiful there.
Thursday night sunset
Friday morning sunrise


  1. You boys sure are enjoying the attention!

  2. It's just a joy to see Pierre enjoying being petted!

    And what a lovely spot to be for work. Looks so serene and sacred.

  3. Sweet boys! I miss all the photos of your kitties! How is Marvin doing? Hugs!

  4. Thanks for the photos of the black cats. I have a fondness for black cats!

  5. The cats probably do not like it when you are away and miss you.

  6. we are ever so glad those boys found their way to you and life in your yard

  7. I love seeing Pierre and Oliver always. I love how they have grown to trust and depend on you. You have been so extraordinary for them...they know that.


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