Monday, August 27, 2018

gift bag

Did a little shopping today. Got me some new sox! And got Nahum a little something too.

It's purrfect Nahum size!

Last time we had one of these bags kicking around, Pierre played with it and somehow got his head stuck in the handle part. There he was running around the apartment with a big old paper bag chasing him - he was panicked! Eventually he ripped the handle off the bag, so the bag stopped chasing him and then he just had a handle necklace for awhile! And of course being semi-feral, it's not like he was going to let a human get near enough to rescue him. 

Meanwhile Marvin continues to rally. He keeps eating more and more each day! And he acts like Marvin! That last dip in his health was scary. He's still getting daily fluids to give his kidneys the best chance. 

Marvin, enjoying morning sunshine (with food on his nose!)


  1. Happy to hear Marvin is hanging in there. Oh cats and bags can be very entertaining!

  2. Nahum, paper bags are almost as much fun as cardboard boxes! Yay, Marvin! Keep it up, kitty...and don't worry about food on your face...

  3. we love those bags but after that happened once here too, mom has to remember to cut off the handles :) Glad Marvin is doing well

  4. dood...buddy boom lived with kidnezz izzuez fora couple oh yeerz....long as ya keep eatin N stay hy drated...ewe can two !! :) ♥♥


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