Saturday, May 18, 2019

cattery update

Marvin's health continues to go up and down. He's in a down state lately, with a lot of congestion that keeps him coughing and hacking. The vet hasn't been able to figure out what is causing the congestion. She says it's not in his lungs, so I guess that's good. Sadly, it keeps getting worse.

He continues to eat well, which is good. He wakes me in the middle of the night for 2-3 feedings, which I happily oblige. He needs to keep eating and sleep is overrated anyway.

He still likes a good cuddle, but spends most of his time on his heated bed. Purrs for him to rally once more would be appreciated. 

Meanwhile Pierre is still Pierre. He's getting quite bold!

Pierre gets really close to the humans when a string is getting wiggled. He's quite handsome! And fuzzy!!

He went in to the vet for exam and shots recently. They have to sedate him cuz he won't let any human touch him without significant bitey and razor sharp claw action! All his tests came back looking good, which is good cuz there's no way we could administer any meds to him.

In other news, we recently celebrated Nahum's 10-year gotcha day! Where does the time go?!?! crazy! And of course celebrating his big day without Willow seemed awful. I still can't believe she's gone.

After several weeks of cooler temps and rain we are finally scheduled for some warmer weather-  I'm ready!


  1. Oh dear, I sure hope Marvin's health bounces back, the poor guy. Dad says he reminds him totally of his dear old buddy Orbit. Oh, and Happy Gotcha Day Nahum!

  2. Nahum! Happy Gotcha Day!!! Pierre you are looking great! How is your brother? Marvin, all my love to you and I hope you will come up out of this. Have your Dad and Mom sought a second opinion? XXXX

  3. Purrs, prayers, healing thoughts and loving wishes being sent to sweet Marvin--since his lungs are (thankfully) clear, does he perhaps have an allergy? Handsome and feisty Pierre--I think it's just a matter of time before he gives in and becomes a cuddly indoor cat. Happy Gotcha Day, Nahum and many, many more to come!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Nahum! I am praying for Marvin.

  5. Oh Marvin, what a lovely old man you are. Prayers for all the kitties in your home, you are so good to them all.

  6. Purrs and hugs to Marvin; keep eating, big boy!
    Happy Gotchaversary, Nahum...where does the time go?
    Pierre, fierce and strong, it's good to hear that you are A-OK.
    Angel Willow, we miss you!

  7. We are sending purrs and prayers for Marvin and all those who care for him as it is tiring. Our Buddy Budd wakes Dad for little meals in the night also. That he keeps his weight up makes it all worthwhile

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Nahum.

    And oodles of rumbly purrs for Marvin


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