Monday, April 6, 2020

office kitty

It's been a long time since I've had a kitty in my office - too long! I miss playing fetch with Marvin and getting cuddles.

I'm in the process of acclimating Nahum to my office in hopes that he might be my new office kitty!

Away we go!

Lots of exploring and checking everything out.

Mixed in with the loves and times of connection (reassurance)

I feared he would scratch up my lovely wool rug, but so far so good!

Nahum is a very curious cat - I love seeing him explore with his tail in the air!

I'm still searching for a litter box option suitable for a professional office.

With the coronavirus pandemic going on, I'm only doing telehealth sessions these days, which makes for perfect time to start getting him comfortable with the space.

Hoping it all works out for Nahum to be my next office kitty!!


  1. You know, in that last picture his face looks lion-like! I hope it works well too. He is far more handsome than I knew from the views of him before. BTW, I enjoyed seeing your shows in the hallway. I have't worn shoes in my home in so long a time I can't recall ever having done so. Keeps the yuckies out. So good to see you hear again.

  2. He does look pretty happy with HIS new office!

  3. Hahum is adorable, and we hope he settles in at the office!
    Good to see you posting!

  4. Looks like Nahum is enjoying this adventure!

  5. Nahum looks very happy in his new office!


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