Monday, November 30, 2020

Thankful Theo Tuesday

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I've been super busy lately, so no wonder I'm a little late to the Thanksgiving party! It's a season of thanks, anyway, not a day - right?! So much to be grateful for this year, 

Theo time! 

I'm super, super grateful for a healthy Theo! He's doing fantastic!! He's much more of himself than I've experienced for some time. I could not be happier with how he is doing, it's truly a miracle. It's amazing what a little brain surgery will do! 

For years, we had a nightly ritual of Theo time. A few minutes after I climb in bed each night, he would have to make a dramatic jump into the bed, where he would climb up on my chest and cuddle. Then he stopped and I feared we would never do Theo time again. But, now it's a nightly routine again!! My heart is overjoyed to have Theo healthy again! Yah!!! 

Theo has been super agreeable with his isolation in the bedroom. He hasn't complained at all or tried to escape. That's made things easier for all of us. We started letting Nahum in at night for visits, tonight will be the first time Nahum stays overnight since Theo's been back home. We have his follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday, I'm hoping we get approval to free him isolation so he can once again roam the house.

Sweet Rose having a bold moment

Pierre getting bold, letting me share the bed with him! 

Oliver, my Oliver 

Packing paper euphoria

Nahum has been super cuddly lately 

Meanwhile, house projects continue. Working on getting living room painted and ready to go! Hoping to get our Christmas tree this weekend, so want living room ready for that.

We spent Thanksgiving with my dad, which was quite enjoyable. Later last weekend, we helped stack firewood for him. That makes for a good workout! 


  1. What wonderful news. It brightens my day here as well. When they are sick, it is an all encompassing thing within the home. When they're well, we are too. In every way

  2. We're SO glad to read that Theo is recovering so well and is returning to his normal self. It's amazing, a true blessing!

    Take care and keep well. Purrs from my Derry.

  3. We sure are happy dear Theo is doing so well and everyone sure looks happy!

  4. grate nooze inn deed theo; we iz buzzed happee for ewe...N grate ta see everee one two day !!! happee bee lated NON BURD; all ewe can eat ..PIE day ;) ☺☺♥♥

  5. Good to hear about Theo! Nahum will enjoy being with his buddy.
    "The Lumberjack Workout", now in sale for $19.99 an hour...Hahaha!

  6. What good news for you and the kitties ! Obviously Theo has regained some good memories of your cuddle times.

  7. I am glad Theo went back to his nightly ritual.

  8. Happy to see that Theo is doing so well. đź’—

  9. So good to see Theo's doing well. These pictures are all so sweet, but the cuddly Oliver one is just the best!

  10. That is wonderful that Theo has done so very well. We think he will get that house pass. We have little things the cats do that always make me know they are loving kitties. The Cat life is a good life


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