Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Theo's big adventure

Theo had quite the unplanned adventure today. I was planning to take him into my counseling session this morning followed by a visit with our friend, Lisa, and her chocolate lab, Gromit. On the way home the car broke down alongside the road.

I was able to pull off the main road onto the shoulder of a smaller road. I called the roadside assistance people and together, Theo and I waited for 3 hours for the tow truck. Theo was a good sport about it, he sprawled out in his pokey and took several big naps. He would occasionally get up say hello and check things out. Our time-killing options were limited by the rainy weather and not having the cat carrier bag.

When the tow truck eventually came, Theo got to ride in the front seat with me. The truck was very loud, which scared him. He settled into my arms meowing a protest every few minutes as he took in the speeding scenery. Thankfully, we just made it to the dealership before they closed. I rushed into the service department with Theo in my arms. As I explained what was going on with the car, Theo attracted a lot of comments from employees and customers, "I have never seen a cat on a leash before!" "He is so relaxed, that's amazing!" The reality was even though he may have looked relaxed to others (especially when compared to the average never-leave-the-house-cat), Theo was scared (evident by his shivering, excessive shedding and short quick breaths). Even with being scared he behaved remarkably well.

The dealership was kind enough to give us a ride home, which meant Theo got one more ride in my arms in a strange vehicle. He again did beautifully.

Theo makes a great ambassador for the feline community. He represents to the peoples what a strong, risk-taking, bold kitty can accomplish. He certainly amazed a lot of people today - including me. I was very thankful to be in the presence of his easy going nature all throughout this ordeal, it helped me to stay calm and not freak out. I am proud of my Theo.

Theo was thankful to be home and will sleep very well tonight!

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