Tuesday, June 8, 2010

show time

After months of waiting, I received the confirmation today. Theo and I are to be evaluated on Saturday for the Delta Society's Pet Partners program.

I knew this day was coming, it has been on my calendar now for months and yet I'm quite nervous.

Last week I took Theo to my office for the first time. When visiting a place for the first time Theo generally happily explores the place thoroughly. This time he was scared and freaked out and immediately hid under the waiting room coffee table. There he stayed until I told him it was time to go.

On another day I carried Theo around the yard in my arms and he wanted none of that, constantly fighting to get down.

Can you see why I'm freaked? My previously easy-going cat has suddenly become much less easy-going and we are being tested this Saturday! Yikes!!

I took Theo to the park this evening. He did better but he still got freaked out after a few minutes. I plan to cram for the test by continuing to take him places all this week. Hopefully with rapid repeat exposure to unfamiliar places and soothing touch he will again return to his easy-going state.

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