Friday, October 8, 2010

fun friday feline factoid - local law

Having researched the local city ordinances, I have learned that I am operating a hobby cattery and thus must pay a fee in addition to the license fees for my cats. My wife will not be pleased to hear this - not about the extra fee, but rather the idea of us running a cattery!

Section 6.04.020 of Everett Municipal Code defines a "hobby kennel or cattery" as:

“Hobby kennel or cattery” means any facility or residence where more than two, but less than seven, sexually neutered dogs or sexually neutered cats, or combinations thereof in excess of two dogs and two cats, are kept, or harbored, for the enjoyment of the species only. In addition to the hobby kennel fee (see Section 6.04.100 of this chapter), each dog and cat must be licensed individually at regular fees.

The fee for a hobby cattery is $10 per year.
The fee for a sexually unreproductive female or male cat is $10 per year.

The way I see it, $50 a year to help cover the costs of animal control in the city seems like a bargain to me. The staff and volunteers at the animal shelter do a great service for the community.

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