Monday, July 18, 2011

unexpected gifts

Rose spent the entire day sleeping in this spot. She didn't even get up for snacktime.

I wish I had followed her lead and napped all day. It was the perfect napping day!

Much of the US has been experiencing a major heat wave with toasty hot temps. Not so here, it has been a very cool summer. Today it only got to about 57° F and it was rainy. Rain in July here is quite rare. I read somewhere that we have only had 5 days this month when the temp got into the 70's and the average temp has been less than 60° F! Crazy summer! Here it is the middle of July and we are still running the heat here - this might be the summer where we use the heat year round!

Buddy's introduction to the other kitties hasn't been as smooth as I had hoped. Willow has been a hard sell. She continues to hiss and swat at Buddy whenever he walks by. Buddy does his best to ignore her.

Buddy has been grumpy to all the cats, I imagine in response to Willow's unfriendliness. The others give him lots of space.

Yesterday, Theo tried to steal Buddy's snack as he often does. Theo was in for quite a surprise when Buddy smacked him hard. Go Buddy!

I witnessed a beautiful moment today. Buddy was napping on the bed when Nahum popped up for a quick visit. He very gently approached Buddy and sniffed his head. Buddy didn't respond so Nahum tentatively licked Buddy's head a few times. Buddy leaned into it the licks, prompting Nahum to relax. A few more licks and Nahum left him alone before he changed his mind. This is exactly the thing I want for Buddy, to be welcomed by the other cats.

Nahum is the hub of the cattery - he makes it all go. He has a very different relationship with each cat. He loves to snuggle with Willow and Rose, and romp with Theo. I was so thrilled to see him extending Buddy some love.

Nahum is a delightful fluffy gift!


  1. She has a very wise face. Such a beauty.

  2. Aw, we're glad Buddy's getting acceptance and friendly overtures from someone!

  3. Yeah Nahum....helping to make Buddy feel welcome. It can be frustrating as the "people" when the introductions don't go as smoothly as we would like to see. But - so long as things are relatively peaceful, you are moving in the right direction.

    Could we trade a few degrees of weather?? It is HOT here. MOL

  4. Nahum sounds like he's the hub of the cats...if he accepts Buddy the friendships will blossom from there.

  5. It sounds like Buddy is slowly making a place for himself. I'm glad Nahum was a nice kitty to him, that's really sweet :)

  6. We'd be happy to share some of the heat we have with you! ;)

    We're glad that Buddy seems to be fitting in and the other cats are accepting him.


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