Thursday, August 1, 2013

Advanced Natural

Over three years ago, I tried the World's Best Cat Litter, a corn based litter. I was excited about the possibility of using a product that would be safer for the cats and would produce much less dust. Before I could switch all the cats over to the new litter, I ran into a snag:

A young Theo enjoys some ground corn!           July 27, 2010
Theo LOVES corn in any form, including ground up into litter-sized bits! After I found him feasting on the litter, I realized it wasn't going to work. Since then, I have used it in some of my rescue work and have been very pleased, although sometimes the strong smell of corn can be a bit much for me.

Recently, the fine folks at World's Best Cat Litter asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their new line of litter, and I jumped at the chance. I still love the idea of their litter. The new line is called Advanced Natural, and it comes in original or pine scent.

Since the new line, Advanced Natural, is made from a blend of plant fibers, maybe Theo won't eat it! Nahum is the one in the family that loves to eat plants and greens, Theo generally leaves the plants alone.

My 6 pound bag arrived and I setup a special litter box for the trial. I followed the directions on the bag and mixed some of the new litter in with a little of the old litter. After a few days, I added the rest of the bag of the new litter.

Willow, an informed consumer, reads over the bag to see what she's trying out.


The litter material itself is aesthetically pleasing, I really like the darker brown color. It's lightweight like the corn-based litter but it has a much nicer smell. The corn-based litter had a strong corn-like smell, this stuff has an earthy smell, but it's not overwhelming. And like the corn-based litter, the Advanced Natural doesn't create much dust. 

old litter is layered on top of new litter to acclimate the cats to the change in material
Nahum is always the first to try out new litter! He loves being the first to pee in fresh litter. 

It doesn't matter the size of the box, he'll make it work! Thankfully, he remembered to squat, so everything worked out just fine. Willow tried it next, and sadly, she didn't remember to squat! I'll spare you the picture of Willow peeing over the side of the litter box!

The Advanced Natural litter clumps well and the clumps held together well when being scooped. So far, it has done well to absorb odors, which is always important. Thus far in the new litter trial, I am quite pleased. With that said, there has been one problem so far...

Once again Theo has decided that the litter is yummy to eat! Theo!! After I mixed in some of the old clay litter, he didn't return to eat anymore. Hopefully after time he will associate the plant based litter with doing his business rather than having a snack.

After this bag runs out, I'll buy a bigger bag to fill up one of the big litter boxes and see how things go. I really do like the idea of no dust, which will help Willow (she has asthma). My biggest challenge will be in getting Theo to not eat it! 

World's Best Cat Litter has generously offered to giveaway a small bag to one lucky winner! If you want to be considered for the giveaway, just leave a comment below by Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 11:59pm and I will randomly draw the winner. Even though I love my worldwide friends, sadly, giveaway only open to people in the USA. 


  1. Aacckk, don't eat it, Theo! LOL.

    I wonder if it would stand up to Nicki's output! He's messy in the box, pees on the side, no matter how big a container I use. I remember trying something a few years ago that was supposed to be so great, and it just didn't clump well or hold up to the boys' needs. Glad this seems to be doing the trick!

  2. Even if it works better than the commercial brands, the question is whether it is cost effective. I do have a big dust problem. I think there is a contest as to who can stir up the most.

  3. I've recently switched from dusty Pine litter to Blue Buffalo's new walnut shell litter. Super absorbing/clumping and odor eating. My cats took to it immediately!

  4. We're sticking with the dusty, clumping Fresh Step. Skootch had a pee-outside-the-box problem a few years ago, and we tried different boxes and litters, and this one seems to work. Mom doesn't want to "rock the boat".
    That's funny about Leo's affinity for corn in any form.

  5. Oh Theo! Don't eat the litter! This sounds very interesting. Charlie hasn't shown much aversion to any litter so I'm open to trying this!


  6. We too are using Blue Buffalo's Walnut litter - but sometimes it doesn't clump quite as well as I would like. I wonder if this might be right up our alley?! We currently have one large box with the walnut, and a second with Yesterday's News, just for variety. I need to find this in store and give it a try, but if I win a bag - that would be awesome (r)!

  7. I would love to find a non-dusty litter that didn't reek of perfume. BUT I can't rock the boat either with my Katie. She pees in the box but she doesn't squat at all so she has a hooded box. And she uses the non scented clumping Fresh Step. Pine is too tracking. It was even in the bed with us. But I am fascinated with the one you are trying. I hope it succeeds for your feline family.

  8. Interesting. Since I have 10 litter boxes in the house, I need lots of litter, and it needs to be on the less expensive end. I use Tidy Cat blue lid and it works fine, but I would love to sample some others. I also have a peer that's driving me crazy, because I don't know which of the 8 out loose is doing it. And the four bedrooms are full. Ah, the joy of living with cats.

  9. Silly Theo! We'd love to try this out--Sly is very picky about his litter.

  10. I can't use corn or wheat based litter for the exact same reason. Jack chewed through the bag to eat the litter straight out of the bag.. He grew upon dry food and he loves it so.. even though it does some serious damage to his bladder and gives him horrible crystals..


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