Tuesday, April 28, 2015

hanging out

Pierre misses his brother and playmate MK.

Oliver stares off into space
Tussle time

It's a bit too bright in the overexposed world!


  1. Pierre isn't the only one missing MK...
    Taking photos of black cats is challenging at best; in bright sunlight, one often gets a black blob; in lower light, one gets a black blob. The black-and-whites are nice! Pierre looks like he really enjoys his kibble, a lot like Patty O'Malley in my yard.

    1. The porky one is actually Oliver (I've since gone back and added that label under the photo). Pierre is actually quite fit and trim.

  2. Oh, we love the tussle -- you know we excel at those. We could always teleport over and tussle with Pierre. :-)

  3. We love b/w photos and we are so glad you shared those with us today. Yes, taking photos of b/w cats is a challenge ... Ping my ginger always comes out better in photos because of his deep orange. Annabelle is hard to capture too with all that white fur she has, but that is the challenge and the fun of photography, Getting it right is a true joy.

  4. total lee awesum fotoz shoot guys !!! anda happee tusslin twooz day ta all !! ♥♥♥

  5. Love that last photo.! Hilarious!

  6. I love these. Pierre, Oliver, tussles and yes, I know they miss MK. We do here as well as do you all, I know.

  7. that is one good tussle among pals fur sure. I like Oliver's little tuft of white and Pierre looks like our Mr Buttons.

  8. Our cameras are not used to the sun! Like the BW touch.

  9. how can i contact you? i'd like to use one of your older posts in a round-up i'm writing - i can provide more info but would link to your site! I have a blog as well, www.ihavecat.com but this is for a freelancing project. I can be reached at tamar@ihavecat.com thank you!


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